Key Telephone for CP/TP832 PABX System

Key Telephone  for CP/TP832 PABX System
Price: US $46.32/ piece|Bulk Price: US $46.32/piece 4% off(6 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 15 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 1.4kg|Package Size: 24cm x 28cm x 7cm

Detailed Information:

Product Name: KEY PHONE

Product Model: KPH201

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Product Features:

The keyphone can be compatible with our CP and TP Series PABX System

2-line display with back-ground light

12 DSS key can be flexible set to corresponding different extensions or CO. line

13 function keys and 4 direction navigator keys

Can Store 50 speed dialing numbers

Can make system programming directly

Hands-free, auto answer, broadcast and monitor function

Intercom call function: Pickup + Ext. NO + talking Or: Pickup +EXT. DSS key+ talking

Intercom answer funciton: Just pick up the handset

Call operator function: Pickup + "0"

Outgoing call functions:

Pickup (or under hang up state) + CO. DSS key + external number + talking or

Pickup + out number (default: 9) + external number + talking

CO line answer: Pickup or Press corresponding CO. DSS key

Use Private Password: Pickup+# 5+Private password +CO. DSS key(or 9 ) +external number +talking

Call Transfer modes: Normal transfer(default setting) & Quick transfer.

Normal Call Transfer:When talking with Co line or extension , press Transfer key ,then dial extension number(EXT.NO)(or respective CO.DSS key )+notice +hang up

Quick Call Transfer : When system in quick transfer mode ,besides the aboveoperation ,you can directly press DSS key to transfer CO line to the extension

Alarm clock Setting

Pick up+ # + 4 Phone is directly into the alarm setting menu, detail operation in the introduction of the USE SETTING


Packing details:

Weight: 1.3kgs/pcs

Gift box: 23.5x27.5x6cm

Carton size: 57x49x33cm; 20pcs/carton

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Brand Name: VinTelecom|Model Number: KPH201|colour: white|key telephone for pbx system: YES