EDGE Wireless modem, Wireless Netword Modem, USB Wireless Network Card, Free Shipping

EDGE Wireless modem, Wireless Netword Modem, USB Wireless Network Card, Free Shipping
Price: US $1,198.95/ lot, 50 pieces / lot,$23.98/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 9 days
Unit Type: lot (50 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 10.0kg|Package Size: 30cm x 40cm x 50cm

Detailed Information:


1). Network:GPRS/EDGE system(quad-band--900/1800MHz)
2). CPU:PNX52300
3). Transmission rate:GPRS-115.2K bps EDGE-460.8K bps
4). GPRS/EDGE network always-on, users maintain contact with the network at any time
5). Mini USB standard interface, support hot-swappable plug-and-play
6). To support the short message group to receive and send functions
7). Support Internet traffic statistics history
8). To support hot-swappable, can be installed or removed at any time
on the card, no need to restart the operating system
9). Superacid compatible: different models of notebook computers,
an excellent operating system compatibility, support for mainstream
operating system, Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista,
Win7 32 Bit
10). Automatic installation, the installation of the use of simple,flexible,
easy to learn and use; automatically search network, fast registry
11). Normal operating voltage:DC 5V ± 5%
12). CR signal value:29.99---31.99
13). Working temperature: Storage temperature: -20°C ~
+55°C; working temperature: -30°C ~ +65°C
14). Dimensions: 8.6*3.6*1.3CM/8.4*3*1CM
15). N.W / G.W:23g / 93g
16). Humidity: ≤93%

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Brand|Type: Wireless|Interface Type: USB|Certification: CE,FCC|Style: External|Model Number: EDGE E901|Transmission Rate: 460.8kbps|COLOR: white & black|Brand: New