Professional RS232 GSM GPRS DTU MODEM(RQ24F)

Professional RS232 GSM GPRS DTU MODEM(RQ24F)
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Detailed Information:

Professional RS232 GSM GPRS DTU MODEM(RQ24F)Product Description

DTU RQ38Fwith safe and transparent transmission mechanism compliants with data transmission affair for users in different fields,specially used in discontinuous, accidental,frequent and little data transmission,and especially used in M2M fields and application system development.

Developed with industral informationization application,DTU has been broadly used in electric moinitor,remote automatic meter reading system,petroleum conduit monitor,industral control,environmental data collection, meteorology data collection, hydrology monitor, water conservancy monitor,earthquake monitor ,street light control,public affairs,city water supply,traffic message sending and fields

1 Mechanical Specifacations:

Network specifacation:

l Support GSM/GPRS

l Support GPRS Class12,850/900/1800/1900MHz opptional

l Transmission rate: 300bps-115200bps

l Modulation Mold:GPRS-GMSK

l Frequency Band interval200KHz

l Coding scheme:CS1-CS4

l Compliant with SMG31bis techonical standard

2 Function Features

l Highly intergreated with GPRS and TCP/IP technical,can achieve Point to Point( MT/MO),Point to Multipoint etc.nimble wireless network mode

l Embedded with CPU can acchieve complicated network protocol,support PPP,ICMP,TCP,UDP,DNS protocol,offer transparent transmission channel for user data

l Stable function guarantees long steady work in outdoors bad envionment,embedded softdog circuit

l Support permanent on-line mode,user can customize heartbeat packet pattern and time interval to keep communication line working

l DTU can automotive connect once again after network problem or central part shuting down

l Support RS485 and RS232 connect in the same time

l DTU can guarantee data transmission quality in tranparent transmission mode

l DTU working in the state of transparent and user instruct mode to operate and maintain easily

l Support center in the fixed IP station or non-fixed IP+ mode

l Support RS232 interface,support rate from 300bps-115200bps, data statation /non-working station / Parity station/ocurrent control opptional

l Support long-distant argument configure and visit

l Support remote awaken

l Embedded with Flash card ,can keep the user argument configure for a long time

l Support RS232 firmware to upgrate

l Support APN data sepcial network affair

l Anti- interfere design suits application in electromagnetism ect.bad environment

3 Enhanced Functions

Industral design,need all kinds of bad environmental requirement

l Select Industral device,wide-range working voltage, avert opposite connection design

l Use WAVECOM GPRS wirelss Module

l Embedded Multi-work operation seystem

l Standard PPP, TCP/IP,UDP/IP protocol

l Independent developed DDP protocol,garantee data route work smoothly

Multi-mission working mode

l Permanent on-line mode: support automotive in on-line once connect power,automotive connect after shutdown,ensure data transmite promptly

l detonate on-line mode: in standby station,data flow/voice/message can detonate equipment on-line

l PCL controled on-tral part problem ,can customorize a fixed time interval to connect central part by redailing again after ppp failure dial

Support multilateral communication

l Channel working modes independent and can be free definited: each channel communication mode can be definited as GPRS or SMS mode

l Support main and standby channel working mode:support automotive shift to the standby message channel transmission mode in a station of the main GPRS network shutdown

l Support Multi-central working mode: max support to connect four centrals at the same time

Nimble data transmission mode

l Support TCP/IP,UDP/IP,DDP,SMS,AT etc.kinds of communication mode

l Self- definite transparent communication transmission mode or Protocol transmission mode

l Self-definite heartbeat packet pattern

l Self-definite time interval of on-line packet

l Self-definite time interval of finnal idle packet

l Self-definite network monitor time interval

Argument configure and Remote management

l Embedded Visualization self-check rocedures in power-on dail station to exclude breakdown easily

l Including chinese /English Argument configure interface and inquiring menu

l Support remote Argument configure for data central server and mobile phone message

l User can definite TDP protocol pattern

Detailed Specifications:

Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Others|Type: Wireless|Interface Type: USB|Transmission Rate: 128Kbps|Style: External|Model Number: Q24plus|Weight: 0.5kg|Shipping Methods: DHL,EMS,TNT,FedEx,UPS,etc.|Model Number: Q24plus|Type: gsm|Function: send and receive data,email,SMS|Working Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ|package size: 10*10*5cm|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)|Brand Name: BL|Certification: CE.ROHS