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MA5615 series DSLAM have16/32 ports subscriber line interface with POTS splitter built-in achieved 1U height space saving design.

Product Features

² Plug-and-Play Service Provisioning

² Superior Maintainability and Manageability

² High-Density Subscriber Access

² Flexible Configuration of Multiple Service Boards

² Carrier-Class Reliability Design

² Energy Saving and Noise Reduction

² High and Guaranteed QoS

² Strict Security

² Operable IPTV Service

² Perfect Voice Features

l Product Description Positioning and Features

Ø Provides lightning protection and anti-interference functions.

Ø Starts up at -25°C.

Ø Endures high temperatures and it can work normally for a long time at 65°C (the maximum working temperature).

Ø Supports the temperature detection function, When the temperature exceeds the threshold, the system generates an alarm.

Ø Supports protection of the subscriber port:

u DSL port: enhanced K20, common mode 4 kV

u POTS port: common mode and differential mode, 4 kV

Ø Supports the power protection (2 kV in differential mode and 4 kV in common mode).

Ø In the AC + backup power configuration, the battery can be used as the backup power. When the AC power supply fails, the battery supplies power to the system. In this case, the broadband services are shut off, and the narrowband services are normal.

Ø Supports the intelligent speed adjustment of the fan. The system can automatically adjust the fan rotating speed according to the working temperature, which brings positive effect to the reliable energy saving and noise reduction.

Ø Supports replacing the fan tray independently.

Ø Adopts the derating design for the electronic components to improve the reliability.

Ø Provides the corrosion-proof design and reduces the cable routing on the board surface.The heat dissipation layout is reasonable (to prevent the condensation from forming because of the temperature difference).

Ø Supports the MGCP/H248/SIP dual homing. When the MGCP/H.248/SIP protocol is used, the MDU can be configured with up to two MGCs. When the MGC is switched over or the MDU detects the fault of the primary uplink,the system automatically switches to the other MGC.

Ø Supports emergency standalone. When the MDU upstream port is interrupted,

u the system automatically starts the emergency standalone function. Then,

u the subscribers of the same MDU can call and communicate with each other.

Ø Supports virtual noise. The system uses the virtual noise mechanism to decrease the line rate (the system adjusts the line rate according to the SNR), which improves the anti- interference capability of the system.

l High and Guaranteed QoS

l Multicast Service

Ø Up to 32 multicast VLANs and 1024 programs for each multicast VLAN

Ø 1024 multicast groups

Ø Up to 16 multicast groups that the subscribers under each service port can join concurrently

Ø Multicast VLAN, program, and subscriber management

Ø Setting and querying the quick-leave function through the NMS or the CLI

Ø Global-level switching of IGMP modes

Ø Filtering downstream multicast packets (The downstream multicast traffic that is not contained in the multicast filtering table is discarded.)

Ø Statically joining a multicast program Adding, modifying, and deleting programs in batches

l Perfect Voice Features

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: huawei|Type: Wired|Package: Yes|Interface Type: RJ-45|Certification: CE FCC|Style: External|Model Number: MA5615|Transmission Rate: 100M