dual band/quad band 8 SIM GPRS/GSM wireless modem pool supporting SMS MMS email

dual band/quad band 8 SIM GPRS/GSM wireless modem pool supporting SMS MMS email
Price: US $300.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $300.00/piece 1% off(5 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 3.0kg|Package Size: 27cm x 15cm x 12cm

Detailed Information:

GPRS/GSM wireless modem
3G Mobile Communication is becoming inseparable with people’s daily life gradually, to meet
the needs of our customers across the world, our company invented the up-to-date GSM Modem after we have tested the market and improve the technology for several
years. The Fifth-generation GSM Transmission Facility combines perfectly the GSM functions
of transmitting SMS, data, voice and fax. Moreover, we also provide the Sixth-generation 8-Port GSM/GPRS Modem, which can transmit information of 8 SIM cards at the same time.

Technology specification

1.Supports standard GSM communication modes

2.DC5-35V Low power consumption

3.Supports 8 SIM cards (3V-5V)

4.Has 8 SMA antenna interfaces

5.Use French WAVECOM or Germany SIEMENS Module

6.Slide-on SIM storage

7.SMS Transmission Rate 4000~6000 pcs/hour(optional)

8.Wireless Modem Pool can realize the communication with computer via PCCOM or Emulational Programs such as Super Terminal

9.Supports GSM/GPRS EVDO 3G

10.Frequency dual band/ quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

11. Complies with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ standard

12. Class 4 (2W @ 900 MHz)

Class 5 (1W @1800/1900MHz)

13. Input Voltage,5V-24V
14. Input Current Free time <10mA, Voice Transmission 200mA (GSM 900 @ 12V)

Input Current Free time <4.8mA, Voice Transmission 100mA (GSM 1800 @ 12V)

15. Working Temperature -20°C ~ +55°CStorage Temperature -25°C ~ +70°C


1.can send SMS to large number of customers at same time

2.Support SMS receive and reply automatically

3.store the record of SMS sending and receiving automatically

4.Easy to install and use

5.can compatible with many cards

6.can control SIM Card to send SMS by your requirements

Main Advantages

1. Industrial design, can restart automatically when no signal or crash

2. Independent switch control for every port

3. Every port can demount separately , easy to maintain

4. 8 ports data lines integrated, convenient and beautiful

5. Voice frequency input and output independently for each port, supports access to microphone and sound

Preparation before use

1. External hardware device: standard computer power line, 8 antenna, standard RS-232 com cable

2. Installation

A. Connect the power line to the power socket of the followed device on the socket

B. Insert the SIM card to the card reader, the chip on the SIM card should contact closely with the card reader

C. Insert the multi-ports card socket PCI to the computer main board, install the driver according to the suggestion at the same time, use the DB62 to connect the multi com cable card with the device after finish it.

D. Turn on the power, the red LED light, the device go on working when all the red LED lighting


Selected module









Working conditions

Module working temperature

-30°C ~ +60°C

Component working temperature

-45°C ~ +80°C


≤90% (No condensation)



Standard adapter


Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Etross|Type: Wireless|Interface Type: USB|Certification: CE|Transmission Rate: 1024Kbps|Style: Internal|Model Number: GPL-8|color: black|weight: 3KG|size: 25x 13 x 11cm|interface: USB/ RS232|working frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz