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Product Description

USED(like new),

boxed(the papaer box is old &might be broken)

7.2Mbps,5.76 uplink,

File sharing

Notethe cover of battery is very tightly,open it carefully.

The MiFi 2352 is used to enabled sharing of a single mobile broadband connection with up-to 5 other WiFi enabled devices. It is the same as having a router at home connected to your cable modem or ADSL modem enabling the sharing of the wired connection. To ensure your device doesnt pickup any leechers (these are people that scan the WiFi frequency and try to get a free ride on an unprotected gateway) you should setup the device to use WEP, WPA or even MAC Address filtering to reduce the possibility of being leeched. A lot is riding on the fact that a mobile broadband connection may not be unlimited in the amount of bandwidth you can use.

So, be careful when using the device and perhaps above all dont go broadcasting your SSID. Enable one of the encryption schemes and for goodness sake, change the default administrator password immediately.

Out of the box the test unit was configured to use WEP with a 128-bit key. Setup was straightforward.

1. Open back cover
2. Slide in SIM card
3. Slide in battery pack
4. Close rear cover
5. Press & Hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds
6. Red light appears on the power button
7. Device initialises
8. Use your WiFi enabled device to search for the Vodafone MiFi 2352
9. Using the default WEP KEY (pasted to the inside of the battery cover) connect with your device
10. Router issues a IP Address using address range

That is really all there is to it. If you wish to modify the Router settings use a Internet browser and go to . This translates to an easy to read URL.

Once connected you can begin to surf, however, I recommend you modify the original (default) router settings. To accomplish this you browse the the gateway address with your Internet browser at .

Heres a screen shot of the interface page.

A cool feature of the MiFi 2352 is the ability to share a microSD card storage space. There is a small microSD slot on the side of the device just next to the micro USB port. Its kinda like having a NAS because each of the available 5 devices that can connect to the router will have access to the storage.

I tried connecting to the MiFi using a number of wireless client hardware and all were able to connect except one. I tried the Samsung i600, Apple iPod Touch, SMC EZ-Connect G Cardbus Adapter, Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG, Intel 2200BG Wireless adapter and the Samsung Jet WiFi. Only the Samsung Jet WiFi had a problem and still does. I highlighted this to M1 and they are investigating and bringing this to the attention of Vodafone. When I get an update on Samsung Jet connectivity Ill update here.

I mentioned earlier that you are able to access a SDCard slotted into the SD Card slot. You can also upload files to the SD Card slot. This is a great benefit since you dont need to swap out the memory card. Do take note that if the file is large it may well be better to copy it over instead of transferring using WiFi or even mobile broadband.

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