Mobile Recharge serial port gsm modem

Mobile Recharge serial port gsm modem
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Detailed Information:

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The device name is the standard GSM MODEM pool also known as "SMS cat pool"china,interface usb port USB 2.0 can be used directly into the computer usb port,for laptops,desktops can be used.Break the rule that multi-tech can only be used in desktop computers.Built-in 8 wireless modules can be inserted eight SIM cards,eight cards can be used simultaneously to send text messages,send seed 5000 messages per hour which is up 8 times as a single modem,and the specific pace, depending on the speed with which the local gateway,.220V power supply,and can be a long time stable jobs,housing luxurious and generous.We using the standard rack structure, suitable for large enterprises to establish a messaging platform.

Runtime Environment WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP/NT


1, industrial-grade chips,to ensure the stable operation; (using WAVECOM / SIEMENS chip) Q2303A Q2403A Q2406A Q2438F <CDMA> Q2687 <ETGE 2.5G> TC35I MC35 MC35I TC35 MC39I MC399 MC55

P5186 Main parameters:

P5186E Support: E-GSM/GSM-GPRS class 10 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Band FLASH (64Mbits) SRAM (4Mbits)

Dimension: 25.4 * 32.4 * 4.75mm

Transmit Power: 2w (E-GSM900 AND GSM850) AND 1W (DCS1800 AND PCS1900)

2, switch independence, support the size of the SIM card; (master switch, 8 independent switches each control)

3, ports support hot-swappable; (device supports hot-swappable,)

4, the module can be individually demolition; (each module controlled by two screws, disassembly freely)

5, power lines and data lines each have only one, more concise; (formerly 8 data lines.)

6, small size, beautiful appearance, accounting for a smaller space, especially suitable for the use of multiple machines at the same time!

Product list:

8 Cats host one,a data cable and power lines,eight antennas,software drivers CD and dongle.


This product OZ three months, one year warranty, quality assurance

Product Description:

A performance

Wireless GSM MODEM pool built on the immediate needs of customer base, based on the following points to meet the business needs:

1, in order to be delivered to our customers the same or different information;

2, contact time employees issued notices of meetings;

3, to avoid the companies spend a lot of manpower, material resources and time to pass on the information;

4, to avoid the high communication expenses per month

5, enterprise and customers (members), with business partners, enterprises and between employees need more communication.

B System Features:

Cluster send: You can also automatically send the same information to large numbers of targets.

Widely distributed: Information published wide geographical distribution of the object in support of scattered fast: Information sent, only a very short time can be transmitted to the target.

Convenient: information through the portable cell phone to receive.

Accurate: the message can reach the goal of accurate and timely manner.

No missing: the information sent by the computer system was completed, significantly omitted to avoid the artificial information release.

Strong visibility: Information in written form, to send and receive.

Economy: The information received free of charge, sending costs are based on the SMS service provider's standard tariff, non-long-distance and roaming and other additional costs.

Time-saving and efficient: the same information can be sent simultaneously to multiple targets; and can send and receive text messages using multiple terminals parallel processing, thus saving a lot of time.

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: WCDMA|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: AT|Type: Wired|Package: Yes|Interface Type: RS-232|Model Number: ATPM-8|Transmission Rate: 128KBP/S|Style: GSM/GPRS|module: Q2406b|warranty: 1 year|frequency: 900/1800mhz|interface: USB/RS232|function: date,e-amil,sms,mms,fax and voice|set: AT Command|protocol: TCP/IP|shipping: DHL/EMS/UPS/FEDEX/TNT|aftesales service: tech-support