BL-8&32U IMEI changing 8 port 32 sim modem pool automatically SWITCH cards

BL-8&32U IMEI changing 8 port 32 sim modem pool automatically SWITCH cards
Price: US $550.00/ set|Processing Time: Ships out within 30 days
Unit Type: set|Package Weight: 5.0kg|Package Size: 30cm x 20cm x 20cm

Detailed Information:

BL-8&32U IMEI changing 8 port 32 sim modem pool automatically SWITCH SIM cards

8 port32 sim modempool

Basic function

- Build in 8 GPRS modem in one box

- 32 SIM Card auto switch the cards

- Sigle power supply for 8 modems

- Power button to control on and off

- USB interface ,worked well with multiple computer operation system

Quad Band EGPRS 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

- chipset,M10 quad band

- Send SMS,MMS

- GPRS class 10:max 85.6kbps(downlink)

- Auto answer function for voice and data collection with the remote device.

- AT command to control and program

- Designed for WAP, MMS, SMS, CSD data, fax, and voice applications

- Support XP/NT/2000/2003/vista operation systems

- Design for high traffic communicaton

GPRS Function:

- GPRS multi-slot class 10

- 21.4kbps uplink / 85.6 kbps downlink

- 42.8 kbps uplink / 68.2 kbps downlink

- GPRS mobile station class B

- Full PBCCH support

SMS Function:

- Support open AT command

- Text and PDU

- Point-to-point (MT/MO)

- SMS broadcast

Voice Function:

- Voice Call through mobile network

- Auto answer function

- Full duplex and half duplex rate

- Enhanced full rate (EFR)

- Double sound multi- frequencies function (DTMF)

- Basic handsfree operation

- Echo cancellation

- Noise reduction


- CSD up to 18.8 kbps

- Auto answer function


- Non transparent mode

- V.82bis compression

- V.110

8 port32 sim modem pool Accessories

- USB cable

- GPRS Modem Pool main unit

- Power Cable

- 8 magent cable

- Manual CD

8 port32 sim modem pool advantage features:

1.8 port 32 SIM ,each port 4 SIM ,multiple SIM slot

2.Each port with a switch on or off power .

3.IMEI changable ,easy to change IMEI numbers ,away from the blocking of the telecom runners .

4.Can be installed with bulit in Bulk SMS software .

5.Muilti computer system support

6.Both support SIMEN or WAVECOM open AT

8 port 32 sim modem pool Pictures

8 port 32 SIM modem pool inside chip,quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz,

open AT (simenms or Wavecom)

8 port 32 SIM modem pool Power in AC 100-230V

Kill two birds with one stone32 landline phone (fwt)+Bulk SMS machine !SPot light :Keyboard IMEI Changing

Detailed Specifications:

wirless Modem Type: WCDMA,EDGE,CDMA|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Others|Type: Wireless|Package: Yes|Interface Type: USB|Transmission Rate: 128Kbps|Style: External|Model Number: BL-8&32U|Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz|Chipset: M10 quad band|Power in: AC100-230V|SIM card support: 32 SIM|AT command: both support SIMEN ,Wavecom OPEN AT|NET weight: 1.6KG|Accessory: antenna/power plug /USB cable /driver cd|System support: XP/NT/2000/2003/vista operation systems|shipping: DHL/EMS/UPS/FEDEX/TNT|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)