900/1800/1900Mhz access to Internet USB Wireless GPRS GSM Modem support earphone

900/1800/1900Mhz access to Internet USB Wireless GPRS GSM Modem support earphone
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Detailed Information:


1. external settled antenna60*35*12mm
2. transmit power:0.32W (24.7dBm)
3. incept sensitivity:-104dBm 4. Maximum transfer speed:171.2Kbps
5. Industrial grade module;
6. Supporting wireless interface:supporting IS-95A/B,IS-98A,IS-126,IS-637A,IS-707A,IS-2000
7. SIM Card: in line with the requirements of China Mobile, detachable and easy to use
8. Working voltage: +5 VDC
9. Power Efficiency: idle mode (Idle mode): 110mA Sleep mode (Sleep mode): 2mA operating modes (work mode): 900mA (Max)
10.Holders of voice, message, data and other business
11.Two-color Status Indicator: Red light: yellow light idle: network connection status of the green light: the state of data reception
12.Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 (SP2) / XP/2003/windows7 operating system, etc.
13.Supported frequencies: GSM 900MHZ/1800MHZ/1900MHZ
DTMF function (DTMF) Supported AT commands
Product Features
1.Follow Chinese GSM standards;
2.In line with Chinese characteristics,machine and card detachable;
3.language interface optional, easy to operate
4.Support GPRS wireless mobile connecting to the Internet,browse WEB and e-mail;
5.Support phone calls while online;6.Support message receiving and tips
7.Support voice service,with headset button to answer calls.
8.Can read and write phone number in SIM card
9.large capacity (unlimited) and classified phone-book
10.GPRS network signal display 11.Supported SIM card value-added service
12.Support SMS in English and Chinese,provide text editing functions
13.Provide ultra-long automatic SMS paging and sending;
14.Provide SMS chat online.

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: EDGE,CDMA|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: FILIWI|Type: Wireless|Interface Type: USB|Certification: FCC|Transmission Rate: 128Kbps|Style: External|Model Number: U01|GPRS MODEM: GSM EDGE