4 port modem pool with Q2403

4 port modem pool with Q2403
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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 2.5kg|Package Size: 28cm x 25cm x 22cm

Detailed Information:

Wavecom GSM/GPRS modem pool Q2403

Detail and specifications :


GSM/GPRS: 900/1800

4 SIM card slots

Wireless access to internet

Send and receive SMS, e-mail and data

Maximum transmitting speed 115KBps

Input voltage: 100V- 240V

Working temperature: -20 to +60

Storage temperature: -25 to +70

Double tone multi-frequency function(DTMF)

Send maximum 2400 SMS or 1600 MMS per hour

Accessories: 1 power cable, 1PCI data cables, 4 antennas, CD

Four text messages using the USB connection of computer cat four USB message cat pool is France WAVECOM module, external power supply, more stable performance.

All the equipment including: four mouth MODEM a, four root antenna, the power cord, USB, the compact disc (driving)

Product introduction
The equipment is standard name is GSM/GPRS/MODEM pool, with four wireless module, can insert four a SIM card, can use at the same time 4 card to send a text message, sending speed is 1 of the port 4 times. It USES WAVECOM module development, 220 V power supply, can work stably for a long time, and the outer luxury and easy.
Main features:
1 and industrial chips, ensure operating stability;
2, switch independent, support size SIM card;
3, port support hot plugging dial the;
4, module can be separately removed;
5, and the power cord and data cables each have only one, more concise;
6, volume is small and exquisite, beautiful and easy, occupy a space more small, particularly suitable for use on a business trip, easy to carry.
The properties of product:
A, system advantage:
Wireless GSM/GPRS/MODEM pool in the establishment of customer base on the basis of the immediate need, can meet the demand of the enterprise in the following points:
1 for the general customers, hand the same or different information;
2, contact enterprise staff conference announcement;
3, avoid enterprise spend a lot of time and manpower and material resources in information transfer;

B, the system characteristics:
Cluster send: at the same time to send the same goal of automatic information.
Wide distribution: information release object distribution wide, support scattered distribution fast: messages, it is only a short time can be transmitted to the target.
Convenient: information through the carry cell phones to receive.
Accurate: sends out the information can accurately in time to the target.
Without missing: the information sent by the computer system work completed, greatly avoid information release of artificial omissions.
Visibility strong: information in words way to send and receive.
Economy: the information receive free, send the message service provider cost basis of the standard treatment, no long distance and roaming and other additional fees.
Save time efficiency: the same information to send multiple targets at the same time; And can use many sets of SMS sending and receiving terminal parallel processing, which can save a lot of time.

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Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: WCDMA,TD-SCDMA,CDMA|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: AT|Type: Wireless|Package: Yes|Interface Type: USB|Certification: CE|Transmission Rate: 256Kbps|Style: External|Model Number: Q2403|Model type: Q2403|Frequency: 900/1800 mhz|Function: bulk send sms|Support: GSM|Brand name: AT|Warranty: 2 year|weight: 2.5 kg