56k USB Modem

56k USB Modem
Price: US $110.00/ lot, 10 pieces / lot,$11.00/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days
Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 0.8kg|Package Size: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm

Detailed Information:


1. V.92(up to 56Kbps download,48Kbps upliad)

2. V.90(up to 56Kbps download,33K bps upload)

3. V.34(4.8Kbps to 33.6Kbps)

4. V.32 bis(4.8Kbps to 14.4Kbps)

5. V.23(75bps to 1.2Kbps)

6. V.22 bis(50 bps to 2.4 Kbps)

7. V.21,Bell 103/Bell 212


1. V.44/V.42 bis/MNP 5 data compression

2. V.42/MNP 2-4 error correction

3. V.59 Diagnostic

4. Hayes AT Command set

5. TIES escape code

6. Quick Connect(V.92)


1. Group 3, Class 1

2. V.17

3. V.29

4. V.27 ter

Voice Features

ADPCM voice compression

Digital Answering Machine

Telephony Services

Wake Up on Ring

Ring detection

On/Off hook control

Call progress monitor

DTMF detection and generation

Voice/fax/modem distinction

Caller ID(optional)

Modem on Hold(V.92)

Video Conferencing

V.80/H.324 interface support

Operating System Support


Power Consumption

<50mA Operating Mode

<0.5mA Stand-by

Diagnostic Tool

Modem Helper

Detailed Specifications:

wirless Modem Type: CDMA|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Type: Wired|Package: Yes|Interface Type: USB|Certification: CE|Transmission Rate: 128Kbps|Style: Internal|Model Number: UMSV92