Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem Q2687 Wiscom Smart 100 DTU Quad-band

Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem Q2687 Wiscom Smart 100 DTU Quad-band
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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 0.5kg|Package Size: 22cm x 12cm x 5cm

Detailed Information:

Industrial GSM/GPRSModemQ2687 Wiscom Smart 100DTUQuad-band

gprs dtu modem
Multi-mission working mode
Support multilateral communication
Argument configure and Remote management

Network specifacation:

1) Transmission rate: 300bps-115200bps

2) Modulation Mold:GPRS-GMSK

3) Frequency Band interval :200KHz

4) Coding scheme :CS1-CS4

5) Compliant with SMG31bis techonical standard

6) Automatic dialup modem

7) RS232/422/485/TTL interface,

8) Industral design,need all kinds of bad environmental requirement

9) Industral device,wide-range working voltage, avert opposite connection design

10) Embedded Multi-work operation system

11) Independent developed DDP protocol,garantee data route work smoothly

Config Tool for DT

1) Water, gas and oil flow metering

2) Data Monitor and Control

3) CCTV, DVR monitor application

4) AMR (automatic meter reading)

5) Power station monitoring and control

6) Remote POS (point of sale) terminals, ATM machines

7) Traffic signals monitor and control

8) Fleet management

9) Power distribution network supervision

10) Central heating system supervision

11) Weather station data transmission

12) Hydrologic data acquisition

13) Vending machine

14) Traffic info guidance

15) Parking meter and Taxi Monitor

Detailed Specifications:

wirless Modem Type: EDGE|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Q2687|Type: Wired|Package: Yes|Interface Type: RS-232|Style: External|Model Number: Q2687|Transmission Rate: 800kb|Color: black|Dimensions: 73*54*25mm|weight: 105g|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)