8 port usb modem pool CDMA Q2358c cdma usb modem

8 port usb modem pool CDMA Q2358c cdma usb modem
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8 port CDMA modem pool Q2358c

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rs 232 CDMA 8 Ports modem Pool industrial modem pool
AT command set support
8port GSM/GPRS modem pool

USB CDMA 8 Ports modem Pool


Especially for the majority of professionals to provide convenient and efficient wireless communications.The same as cable Internet access, free from restrictions WPA. Apply to all major operating systems, including WINDOWS (XP, 2000, NT, 98). CDMA-based wireless high-speed network development External MODEM, aluminum exterior, are offered in compact, standby mode consumes only 5 mA.

1.Wireless Internet
3.Receive and send short message
4.Query Short Message
5.The preservation of historical records
6.Automatic online time statistics
7.Address book function
8.Export the data in the UIM card
9.Query signal, the state electricity
10.Visit any Internet web page
11.Send and receive E-mail

12.Telephony features
13.Catch the latest stock information, sports news
14.Internal database query


Telecommunications multi-socket CDMA MODEM external wireless Modem,to provide users with Internet/Intranet services,including e-mail and browse the Web;its way through the wireless,can be linked to the Internet 24 hours a day,does not occupy any resources.

Easy to carry

Small size,light weight,you can put it into the briefcase.Whatever you're at the airport,on the train or in the outdoors can carry out your work at any time. Stocks and shares the latest developments,the company internal information,crucial war game,stock information associated with you anytime,anywhere.


telecommunications multi-socket CDMA MODEM is a External Wireless Modem which is more economical compared with the same kind of wireless products.The design of compact,140K rate,high-quality performance,competition in the market in a good position.You just need to spend a small amount of the cost,you can stay connected anytime,anywhere with Internet.

CDMA wireless network

CDMA wireless network also known as the exchange of packet data communications.It is based on CDMA digital cellular telephone network to achieve the exchange of packet data transmission.CDMA network that covers a wide range of all-digital network,with voice and data services provide,including lower error rates and very low cost. China Unicom has built a nationwide network,and achieved national roaming.

The most mature security

A matter of fact,unauthorized users can not break through the CDMA network or access to network information.

Excellent reliability

Telecom multi-socket CDMA MODEM External Wireless Modem wireless IP network to ensure that data is securely sent to destination address.

Multi-socketCDMA MODEM features

USB CDMA MODEM designed for voice,SMS,data and wireless Internet.

Full-duplex transmission rate of 153Kbps
. AT command set support, support for TCP / IP, UDP, and PPP agreement
. 2W RF power output
. High-sensitivity antenna SMA
Standby current: 5mA, call status in the 200-400mA
Input voltage: 220V

Weight: 3000g
Basic characteristics

Full-duplex transmission rate of 153Kbps, the maximum rate, the highest rate of escalation and a half rate
DTMF function (DTMF)
Function of short message service
Additional services
Calling Number Display
Telephone Directory Management
UIM and UIM-lock-value-added services
CDMA data characteristics
Data Characteristics
62P interface/data line
Automatically enter power-saving mode
Activities UIM slot
A cable
Description 1 CD-ROM
Antenna 8

Voice communications, messaging
Wireless e-mail, CDMA wireless Internet
Wireless data transmission, mobile office and management

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wirless Modem Type: EDGE|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Type: Wired|Package: Yes|Interface Type: USB|Transmission Rate: 14.4Kbps|Style: External|Module type: Q2358c|Frequency: 800 mhz|Function: bulk send|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)