USB/RS232 GPRS One port 2406 GSM/SMS modem industrial grade

USB/RS232 GPRS One port 2406 GSM/SMS modem industrial grade
Price: US $25.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $25.00/piece 10% off(5 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 1.0kg|Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 20cm

Detailed Information:

Wavecom one port wireless GSM/GPRS modem industrial grade

ONE GSM Bulk SMS Modem Description:

The device built-in wireless modules can be inserted SIM card, can use cards to send/text messages.With a high speed . It uses the development of WAVECOM module, 220V power supply, can be a long time stability, generous luxury housing. it is working compatible with windows 2008 R2,Windows 7,Vista,XP,2006/2000,98SE/CE,LINUX,MAC.

Please note: Price and function mainly depend on Module


Q2406 dual band 900/1800Mhz,support SMS,MMS,GPRS,FAX,WEB,OPEN AT.....

Key Features

Supported Operating Systems:

All popular 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported on both the server and client ends, including the latest revisions and service packs.

--Windows 7 (Home, Premium, Pro, Ultimate, Enterprise)

--Windows Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise)

--Windows XP (Pro and Home)

--Windows Server 2003 (original and R2)

--Windows 2000 (Server and Pro)

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003/ Windows 2000/

Windows 98SE/ CE/Linux 2.40/ MAC 9.8X

Payment and delivery details:

Attention:Russia and Ukraine only support EMS

Delievery time:

By EMS:5-7 days

By UPS:3-5 days

By DHL:3-5 days

By FEDEX: 3-5 days

One Port modem USB Interface,GPS/GPRS Modem Pool,Support SMS,MMS,WAP,GPRS,FAX,Voic,AT command,TCP/IP stack

Multi-socket GSM GPRS one port modem pool

Products Features

Can insert oneSIM card(big or small)

Connection with the computer through a data line can be integrated wit Serial 16

Each channel with separate power switch

Each individual module can be demolished

Industrial chassis, elegant shell

Brief introduction

The device built-in wireless modules can b inserted SIM card, can use cards to send text messages. It uses the development of WAVECOM module, 220V power supply, can be long time stability, generous luxury housing.

  1. industrial-grade chips, to ensure stable operation
  2. switch independence, support for the size of SIM card
  3. ports support hot-swapping.
  4. a separate module can be demolished.
  5. power lines and data lies are only one of the more simple.
  6. the size of a small, elegant, accounting for a smaller space (the size of the computer keyboard is only about half the size), especially suitable for the use of multiple macines at the same time.

A, system advantages:

Wireless GSM/GPRS /MODEM built on the broad masses of the personal needs of customers on the basis of the enterprises to meet the following requirements:

  1. for the majority of customers the same of different delivery information:
  2. promptly contact employees issued notices of meetings;
  3. to avoid consuming a large number of enterprise human, material and information transfer on time;
  4. to avoid high communication costs to be incurred in a month;
  5. enterprises and customers (members) between the corporate partners, businesses and staff in the need for more exchanges.

B, System features:

Send clusters: can be sent automatically to a large number of goals the same information.

Widely distributed: the geographical distribution of the target information widely scattered to support fast: after message, just a very short time can be transmitted to the target.

Convenience: the information through the portable phone to receive.

Accurate: the message can reach the goal of accurate and timely manner.

Exhaustive: the information sent by the computer system,significantly to avoid the artificial missing information.

Strong visibility: the way the text information to send and receive.

Economy: the reception of free information, send the cost of the SMS service provider in accordance with the rates, no long distance and roaming and other additional costs.

Time-saving and efficient: the same information can be sent at the same time to multiple targets, and can make use of multiple parallel processing terminal to send nd receive text messages, thus saving a lot of time

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Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: EDGE|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Brand Name: Wavecom|Type: Wireless|Package: Yes|Transmission Rate: 256Kbps|Style: External|Model Number: Q2406|Interface Type: RS232/USB|Grade: Industrial Grade|Brand name: Wavecom|Warranty: 1 year's guarantee, wholelife maintain|Frequency: 900/1800Mhz|OEM: Supported|Shipping: DHL/EMS/UPS/FEDEX|Weight: 500g|Interface type: USB/RS232 Single port|Function: Data manage, GPRS,Voice-mail, SMS/GSM......