Wholesale Huawei E160 3G /HSDPA DATA CARD

Wholesale Huawei  E160  3G /HSDPA DATA CARD
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Detailed Information:

This card can be used in the network:

1.WCDMA/HSPDA network (HSDPA WCDMA enhancements that the international use of the most common 3G standard network, the most mature technology) domestic large and medium cities in the testing phase.

(2) global HSDPA / WCDMA, GPRS / EDGE / GSM / Network
E160G data card is based on UMTS technology, wireless data card, you can use this data card for wireless data communication, send and receive email, WEB browsing applications. E156G standard USB A-type interface, which is consistent with USB2.0 Electrical Code standards, can be directly connected to the computer's USB port, easy to use.
E160G data card supports WCDMA / HSDPA: Band of W2100/1900/850 (hardware support receive diversity); support GSM / GPRS / EGDE: GSM1900/1800/900/850; HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS data mode supports the PS domain Business and SMS, UMTS / GSM mode support CS domain voice and SMS services.
Main Features:

Support UMTS FDD HSDPA / WCDMA 2100/1900/850MHz;

Support GSM / GPRS / EDGE 1900/1800/900/850 MHz;

Support HSDPA Equalizer (EQ);

Support UMTS receive diversity;

Support the maximum transmission rate of 7.2.Mbit / s for HSDPA packet data service support HSDPA Category 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12;

Support the maximum transmission rate of 384kbit / s for UMTS packet data service;

Support the maximum transmission rate of 236.8kbit / s in EDGE packet data service;

Support the maximum transmission rate of 85.6kbit / s of the GPRS packet data services;

Support based on UMTS and GSM circuit switched (CS) data services;

Supports GSM and UMTS circuit domain and packet domain of short message service (SMS), you can send the group;

Supports Plug and Play function;

USSD service support;

Support for EAP-SIM;

Supports PC / SC Driver;

USB Stick, quick and easy to use;

Universal USB interface (Type A);

Support an external antenna;

Support Micro SD card expansion

Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS.

Huawei E160 wireless network card picture

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: WCDMA,EDGE|Products Status: Stock|Type: Wireless|Package: Yes|Interface Type: USB|Style: External|Transmission Rate: 3.6MBPS