factory supply GSM Modem Pool 16 Ports WAVECOM Q2303A Modem AT Commands sms pool 25% off shipping cost

factory supply GSM Modem Pool 16 Ports WAVECOM Q2303A Modem AT Commands sms pool 25% off shipping cost
Price: US $428.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $428.00/piece 5% off(5 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
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Detailed Information:

wavecom Q2303a dual band GSM GPRS 16 ports modem pool


Please read the information and learn it carefully before you bid ,or else we will not show responsible for such item.
1 This item is controlled by USB interface via AT commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05).
2 This item doesn't include the software. You can use your program or software to control it via AT commands.
3 Please inquire before you bid if you don't know how to use or control this item.

Please do us a favor to click GSM Coverage In The World to check whether your region is covered by anyone of GSM 900MHZ/1800MHZ before buy this item.

Modem Pool is a pool of GSM modems that integrates with 16 of GSM modems together in one single box. The modem pool provides an efficiency way for management of numbers of modems. The same function with GSM modem in functionality. You can useAT Commandto control each of the modems in the modem pool. The modem pool has one interface (USB) to connect to your PC or Server. The strong and tough case can make you to apply to the different critical or complicate environment .
For the instance, the high temperature and high electric magnetic field environment. It is the good solution for large scale of production in wireless communication.

Technical Parameters Specification for GSM Modem
1. Type

GSM Modem with industrial-grade Wavecom Q2303A module.

2. Technological Specifications

Support dual frequency: GSM 900/1800MHz

Conform to ETSI GSM 2+ standard

Output Power:

Class4 (2W @ 900 MHz)

Class5 (1W @ 1800 MHz)

Power Source: USB

Temperature Range:

-20 C ~ +55 C active status

-25 C~ +70 Cpreserved condition

3. Basic Features

Asynchronous, Transparent or Non-transparent, The highest baud rate: 14400bits/s

Serial Baud Rate: 300-115200bits/s

Automatic Baud Rate: from 2,400 to 19,200bits/s

Support Group 3 Document Facsimile Transmission

Support Switching between Voice and Fax


USB Interface

Control via AT Commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05)

Packing list:

1*modem pool,

1* power cable,

1*data cables,

1*USB Cable,

16* antennas,

1* CD driver.

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Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|wirless Modem Type: WCDMA|is_customized: Yes|Products Status: Stock|Type: Wireless|Interface Type: USB|Transmission Rate: 14.4Kbps|Style: External