Driving Educational Equipment With Key Start Engine and Pattern on Base

Driving Educational Equipment With Key Start Engine and Pattern on Base
Price: US $170.00/ set|Bulk Price: US $170.00/piece 20% off(100 sets or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 15 days
Unit Type: set|Package Weight: 18.0kg|Package Size: 66cm x 59cm x 39cm

Detailed Information:

Auto Educational Machine With Key Start Engine and Pattern on Base

Main function introduce:

Mainly design to the driving learners to help them practice more by themself at home, to master the basic driving skills as soon as possible with less time,less money.

Meanwhile, race game for fun is supported.

Hardware introduction:

Our car driving simulator have six main parts: Base,Main Engine,Steering wheel,Gear changer,Steering Wheel Cover and Other Spare Parts&install CD. Both these parts are design at percentage of 1:1 according to the real car. It is highly simulate with the real car.

Software introduction:

1.Highly realistic scenes was formed by computer in real time and the image of vehicles, pedestrians, roads, buildings, traffic signs may change with different training level. speech synthesis technology could simulate different sound such as mechanic sound, sound of horn and sound of wind, snow, and rain and various voice around the surroundings, which giving you a feeling as if you were driving the real car.
2.Mature graphic technology. Use computer graphics calculation to have high reality visual effect
3.Central console can control 100 cabins; interaction training is carried out between each of them. It can also be isolated operation, both functions of reproducing available
4.Different subjects of training scenarios, including roads, highways, urban roads, mountain roads, curves throughout stubs, car reverse and shift, path in shaped 8, right angles.
5.A variety of weather conditions, such as day time , night, rain, snow, fog, etc.

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|is_customized: Yes|Brand Name: YO YO|Model Number: BXC-2012