UE TripleFi KB 15vm top-moving iron headphones

UE TripleFi KB 15vm top-moving iron headphones
Price: US $300.00/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 10 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 1.0kg|Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm

Detailed Information:

All directional microphones for noise reduction, wire design, smooth talking anytime, anywhere.
With an "r" mark gently insert your right ear headset, with the "l" mark gently into your left ear headset, you will enjoy better music.
Noble design frosted metal storage box, good protection
Solid matte metallic cartridge (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm), noble design customized, you can easily into a pocket or bag, carry.
Extension cord, more free moving space
Using your UE earphones 45.7CM (18-inch) extension cord, you have more freedom to move into your space.
Cleaning kit, intimate protected
Easy to clean, make your UE ™ TripleFi 15vm appearance and quality stay in better condition.
6.5 mm (one-fourth inches) connector
You can use the package offer a 6.5 mm connector, UE ™ TripleFi 15vm connected to the professional or home audio equipment.
Flight noise attenuator for hearing protection
Flight noise attenuator for hearing protection to reduce noise sources (such as aircraft) the overall volume, better extend the life of headphones.
Easy cable organizing tool, helps you say goodbye to nuisance of cable winding
You just need to plug the headphone cable crossed the line next to the hole and friction lock, headset cable winding on the winding stem, headset cables through winding Rod friction locks on the other end, you can say goodbye to easily plug the headphone cord winding.

Detailed Specifications:

Wear: Lug type|Headphone type: Cable|Microphone: There are