Logitech precision PC Gaming Headset-UE 600vm ear noise headphones microphone

Logitech precision PC Gaming Headset-UE 600vm ear noise headphones microphone
Price: US $126.00/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 10 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 1.0kg|Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm

Detailed Information:

Of the world's most talented and most popular superstars are using UE stage custom headphones. Not to mention every cell of the body has leaked music enthusiasts, from now on, you will be able to experience the ultimate sound quality from the UE.
Madonna, Lincoln Park, rock band, and the Eagles band, JackJohnson, JohnMayer, Janet Jackson, and Avril, big-name artists and audio engineers in Europe and on it to put it down. In concert, in the recording studio, just wear a tailored Logitech UE can immediately go into their world of music.
In the name of the music scene. Professional moving iron headphones for perfect sound quality. Enjoy music, infinitely smooth talk.
UE ™ 600vm because its unique of dynamic iron occurs unit, global patent of double channel technology, proprietary of UE speakers technology, unique of no source frequency device, more by global top musicians custom exclusive headphones of excellent engineer carefully design and tuning, it can will music in the various musical instruments of sound effect play was thoroughly, for music players were brings more real, and more stimulus of sound experience. Its superior sound and continued the legend of UE earphones sound, full of innovative design in combination with Logitech products, specially designed for players of Omni-directional microphone for noise reduction, voice access call/hang up the keys and universal connection device, seven uniquely designed earphones perfect fit the ear canal.
By top musicians in the world exclusive custom headphones excellent engineers design and tuning.
Top-Fire a unique unit of moving iron, top-quality enjoyment
Headphone cavity Top-Fire-balanced armature design (iron), containing the armature drivers in high frequency, low frequency armature driver and acoustic damper, its high sensitivity, and accurate high frequency clarity of sound with high quality, professional-quality recording studios can reproduce sound, ensuring that you can from the UE 600vm for maximum music enjoyment.
Patented dual-channel technology in the world, more clearly defined
Global patent dual-channel technology, ensures that the audio isolation, precision filter, and adjust the audio source, play sound effects were evident for all kinds of musical instruments in the music, bring you a more realistic, more exciting sound experience.
Unique passive frequency divider, sound more full
Unique passive frequency divider, high-frequency and low-frequency speaker independent design, structured, full rich sound recording studio sound. Its pitch to restore high voice with the sound of music, and the strong sense, led the music as a whole, have a good play.
UE speaker of proprietary technology, Studio quality
Reproduce a brilliant, professional-quality stereo sound. UE speaker using proprietary technology, full-spectrum, Studio quality sound without distortion. Wearing it, you obviously feel the sound of passing more abundant, the music scene as a whole better controlled, sound density, width, and depth are very real, full timbre as if injected more vigor.
-Ear designs, fun to work for music enjoyment
Crisp and clear audio while reducing static noise. UE 600vm-ear design, it brings you good bass, while deep ear canal directly to ensuring higher passive attenuation of ambient noise, reduce hearing damage, once you wear it, creating a space of complete isolation from outside noise, allows you to fully enjoy the music brings happiness.
All directional microphones for noise reduction, wire design, smooth talking anytime, anywhere.
UE 600vm specially designed for Player built-in Omni-directional microphones for noise reduction, also integrates new design on the headset cable voice access call/hang up the keys, allow you to achieve top-tier mobile music experience at the same time, access to first class communication skills.
3.5 mm go connection, music is everywhere.
Turn each UE 600vm 3.5mm wiring. Apply to smartphones, tablets, or 3.5mm Jack on your laptop.
Y-notebook adapters, and more connectivity options.
Its special design and UE can be 600vm with separate audio outputs (headphones) and audio in (microphone) connector for a desktop PC or laptop connection.
Seven unique design earphone, perfect fit the ear canal, isolating the noise
In order to further improve your hearing sound, UE 600vm provides seven unique design earphones, in addition to 5 from a super small (XXS) to large (l) five different dimensions of high strength and sweat-resistant cone-shaped silicone ear beyond, also provides 2 noise comply foam ear plugs, outstanding wearing comfort, even listen to for a long time does not have any discomfort.
Smooth and simple metallic design, smooth lines with the classic combination of black and silver, fashion and elegance, perfect combination of indoor and outdoor environments, demonstrate your quality of life.
With an "r" mark gently insert your right ear headset, with the "l" mark gently into your left ear headset, you will enjoy better music.
Cool black design with delicate stowage box, good protection
UE 600vm accept protection at the same time, simple design of the cool black color, did not forget to reflect the style of fashion personalities.
Easy cable organizing tool, helps you say goodbye to nuisance of cable winding
You just need to plug the headphone cable crossed the line next to the hole and friction lock, headset cable winding on the winding stem, headset cables through winding Rod friction locks on the other end, you can say goodbye to easily plug the headphone cord winding.
Open your UE 600vm headset microphone package, you will have them.

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|is_customized: Yes|Style: Headset Microphone|Use: Computer Microphone|Communication: Wired|Model: UE 600|Color classification: Black|Wear: Ear plugs|Headphone type: Cable|Microphone: There are