drop shpping support in ear earphone best selling headphones free shipping

drop shpping support in ear earphone best selling headphones free shipping
Price: US $193.68/ lot, 10 pieces / lot,$19.37/ piece|Bulk Price: US $193.68/piece 5% off(4 lots or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 2.0kg|Package Size: 10cm x 8cm x 20cm

Detailed Information:

drop shpping support in ear earphone best selling headphones free shipping

High Resolution Sound
Ultra-fast, accurate speaker design delivers the full details of todays digital music with extreme clarity and deep bass

Full Power
Large, high-efficiency drivers let you crank it up and enjoy loud play without sound-wrecking distortion.

High Performance Headphone Cable
At , we know cable. Tours cable features s patented magnetic flux tube and Micro-strand construction to provide clear, no-loss audio and reduced interference.

Tangle Free Cable
Earbuds are incredibly convenient, but theyve got one big problem they tangle. But s innovative, patent-pending flat cable design is ultra-flexible and tangle-free.

Noise Isolation
Sealed in-ear design and multiple eartip designs blocks out external noise so you hear a lot more of the details in your music and a lot less of the outside world.

Custom Fit
Everyones ear canals are different, so why would any headphone maker just give you one size of eartips. Tours come with multiple earbud sizes for the most comfortable, noise-isolating and secure fit.

Protective Case
Keep your bag clutter-free and your Tours safe and out of the way when youre not using them. Tours come with a compact and rugged case to keep things clean.

The Worlds First Tangle-Free Cable
Sound has always been the the most important thing to us, but we were determined to get rid of the annoying ritual of untangling the earbud bird`s nest we all know and hate. After ten long years of passionate research, we finally found the solution. We flattened things out. The exclusive patent-pending Tour flat cable design virtually eliminates the tangles and snarls that have plagued earbuds since they hit the market. With Tours, you`ll spend less time untying knots, and more time enjoying your music. Youre welcome.

Hear What Youve Been Missing
Get ready for a new listening experience. s newly developed driver design features ultra-fast response time, which helps the Tour driver accurately reproduce the full sound and details of todays digital music with precise clarity, natural vocals, and a big bass punch.

Get Lower Than Low
Most in-ear headphones simply cut off the low end of your music because they simply can`t reproduce low audio frequencies. It took well over three years to develop and fine-tune the technology that makes Tours bass so big. You`ll wonder how we got a subwoofer in your head. Dr. Dre would have it no other way.

In-Ear Noise Isolation
Tours in-ear noise isolation cuts external noise for a better music experience than traditional earbuds. Tours come with five pairs of earbud tips ensuring you get the most comfortable, secure seal, which works to block out unwanted external noise. You`ll hear your music clearly, no matter how loud the rest of the world is.

Play it Loud With Full PowerMost earbuds dont have the power to play music at the volume music lovers, like us, prefer. Tours` large high-efficiency drivers and magnetic technology have been custom engineered to play loud without distortion, so you can hear every note. You`ll experience levels of power and clarity that reveal the emotion in your music.

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Model Number: in ear|Communication: Wired|Brand Name: IE|Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Style: In-Ear|Connectors: 3.5mm|Use: Portable Media Player|Function: Noise Cancelling|style: in ear|hot: best selling