Hoting As soon as wireless tows two microphone performances to use the wireless UHF microphone

Hoting As soon as wireless tows two microphone performances to use the wireless UHF microphone
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Applicable scope: Specialized KTV, size stage, song ballroom, assembly hall, teaching teaching, family entertainment. • Uses the UHF superelevation frequency band, are less than the traditional VHF frequency band disturbance, the transmission is more reliable • The DPLL digit phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology, in the 50MHz frequency band width, by the 250KHz channel spacing, provides reaches 200 channel selections much, facilitates the multi-wrap machine also to use, with ease avoids each kind of disturbance • Advanced automatically to frequency technology, even if adjusted the launcher and receiver's frequency has been chaotic, as soon as you only need press gently, the transmitter automatically will pursue locks the receiver frequency and adjusts consistently, easy to operate • The ad hoc height power cut function, causes you not only at activity venues and so on assembly (high power launch), the use is smooth, moreover when like the school classroom, the KTV passenger compartment use (low power launch), saves the battery capacity • The unique transmitter and the receiver establishment locking function, prevents the use misoperation • The ad hoc receiving sensitivity adjustment function, may according to need to adjust the sensitivity, sharpens the antijamming ability or increases the receive distance • The upscale liquid crystal display monitor, causes the receiver and launcher's active status is clear

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|Style: Handheld Microphone|Brand Name: micorphone|Use: Karaoke Microphone|Communication: Wireless|Model Number: u=x4