Takstar GL-100 Professional wired capacitance Microphones for KTV&meeting&On-stage performance & Computer--FreeShipping

Takstar GL-100 Professional wired capacitance  Microphones  for KTV&meeting&On-stage performance & Computer--FreeShipping
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Unit Type: set|Package Weight: 0.8kg|Package Size: 20cm x 22cm x 10cm

Detailed Information:

•high sensitivity, low noise, can bear non-linearity
•using high sensitivity back in a very type body capacitance sound head
•frequency response wide, distortion, dynamic range
•the excellent audio processing circuit
•frequency response can achieve the desired effect of the vocals, and Musical Instruments

Studios, radio and television stations, personal recording, professional stage performance, Musical Instruments recording and so on

•monomer: capacitor
•frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
•sensitivity:-35 dB ± 3 dB
•directionality: super heart type
•equivalent noise levels: 24 dB (IEC 581-5)
•most loudly level: 140 dB (at 1 kHz THD than 1%)
•output impedance: more than 100 Ω
•load impedance: 1000 Ω frequency
•use voltage: 48 V illusion power supply
•monomer weight: 450 g

GL-100 gold-plated adopted.therefore film capacitance sound head, recording the microphone have broad frequency response, high sensitivity, low noise, can bear non-linearity. These seem like victory series recording the microphone series SM capacitance seem to is not much different from, or even someone will think is just a different type standard only just, but as a domestic and even the world famous brand with this? How could trick, let us together opened the GL patented technologies-100 to the veil.

GL-100 cup head use patented technology of the new victory three nets physical noise filter patent technology, it has what function?
First you have to know first sound principle under capacitance head, in simple terms: sound waves in the diaphragm of the role by the vibration and change between two plates of capacitance change, cause the amount of electricity on the plate change, and produce current signal.
As is known to all the electromagnetic wave will affect charged body, so the electromagnetic wave must have an effect on capacitive sound head of work and life today is the space of the all kinds of electromagnetic wave, how to eliminate the electromagnetic wave of capacitance of the head of a sound disturbance? Prevail GL-100 gives a perfect answer.

The latest victory three nets physical noise filter patent technology: outside the first layer is thick metal nets, the second is thin metal nets, layer 1 and layer 2 combined to form a after only allow sound waves enter airtight metal space, shielding electromagnetic interference, ensure sound head voice signal gleaned from foreign electromagnetic interference, the third of damped paper, can effectively filter out of the low frequency noise produced 180 degrees, and clear voice more round, not dirty.

Capacitor microphone and an internal noise sources, is mike duct circuits electronic components work makes noise, in this GL-100 audio circuit with low noise electronic components, make a microphone with low noise performance, and it does not need to for the noise of the microphone and concerns.
After the deal, the microphone inside and outside noise is effectively controlled, with GL-100 admission voice will be more pure.

The microphone the tail is plated with gold standard XLR three needle corleone plug, gold conductivity is good, not easy oxidation, ensure plug performance is good, is not easy to corrosion, and to GL-100 added a honour,The microphone thread according to international standard industry circle manufacturing, can be fixed in a standard interface shock on the shelf.

In addition to the improvement of the performance on the appearance of the fashion design style, the sapphire blue appearance, tie-in champagne nets yarn, make pleasing appearance, color is bright, high strength zinc alloy ontology, firm structure, resistance to cast the gender is good, the paint anticorrosion technology, the microphone ontology durable.

In the packaging configuration can see strength to work is careful side.
GL-100 mainly aimed at the professional engaged in the need to compare the tape recording or a hobby consumption group, a lot of consumer have 48 V illusion power equipment and wire, in line with the principle of for consumers to think, GL-100 no configuration illusion power and wire, when buying, lower price, won't cause unnecessary waste, of course, friends in need can be purchased separately, winning six models illusion power and all sorts of length to choose to buy corleone line, very human processing.

Equipped with a with mike duct body for the turquoise blue with simple shock mounts, shock mounts spiral mouth in accordance with international standards set, can apply to the desktop, hanging, LiDeShi stents.

Configuration portable bag, in a microphone when not in use, with transparent bag wrapped up the PO them into portable bag can rise to moisture, prevent dirt, Portable bag have lift justice, easy to carry the microphone

Following the launch GL-100, will be launched by computer USB power supply of power instead of illusion GL-100 FX, built-in USB interface circuit of the sound card GL-100 USB, has put the function words the large film capacitor GL-200, and high-grade GL-400. Very exciting.

Packing: leather box of + forming cotton packaging

Packing configuration:
GL-100 recording the microphone 1 a
H-200 sapphire blue one simple stents
Portable bag 1 a
A manual
GL-100 performance parameters
Frequency response: 30 Hz-20 KHz
Sensitivity:-35 ± 3 dB
Directionality: super heart type
Equivalent noise levels: more than 24 dB (IEC 581-5)
The most loudly level: 140 dB (at 1 kHz THD than 1%)
Output impedance: more than 100 Ω
Load impedance: 1000 Ω frequency
The use of voltage: 48 V illusion power supply
Monomer weight: 450 g

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)|Style: Handheld Microphone|Brand Name: Takstar|Use: Karaoke Microphone|Communication: Wired|Model Number: GL-100