SHIPPING 50%OFF TAKSTAR sgc-568 Professional Interview Condenser Microphone Can Access Aamera / Video Camera Hot

SHIPPING 50%OFF TAKSTAR sgc-568 Professional Interview Condenser Microphone Can Access Aamera / Video Camera Hot
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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 2.5kg|Package Size: 20cm x 22cm x 10cm

Detailed Information:

Products introduction:

Model No: sgc-568

Radio head type: Condenser

Channel Type: Stereo

Uses: exclusive interview

Directivity characteristics: Two-point

Applies to:

presentations, interviews, meetings

Technical parameters:

• Single: Back Pole Electret

• Polar Pattern: Cardioid / supercardioid polar

• Frequency response: 50Hz-16kHz

• Sensitivity:-45dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1kHz)

• Output impedance: 500Ω / 1600Ω ± 30% (at 1kHz)

• Load Impedance: ≥ 1000Ω

• Voltage: 1.5V AA batteries

• Single Size: Ø22 x 278mm

Item List:

• Microphone

• Spring Line

• W-568 wind sponge

• bags

• Ø6.3mm gold-plated adapter plug

• aluminum suitcase

Note: Specifications and design subject to possible modifications without notice due to improvements.

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• the UHF wireless microphone design special frequency band, not affected by other industrial frequency interference
• use of distance and open field can be up to 50 meters above
• the excellent audio pressure expansion integrated circuit and high quality single point to mi core, superior sound quality and not easily
Screaming transmitter used two 1.5 V battery power supply, the battery life is long, maintenance, easy to change
• has balance and non-equilibrium audio output, convenient and all kinds of audio equipment connection
• receiver panel design the RF before the instructions and audio level dynamic instructions, grasps the working state
• the microphone transmitters, a receiver is using high strength alloy materials manufacturing and durable
Applicable Place

Karaoke project installation, family entertainment and outdoor performance and other places

• doppler frequency shift: ± 25 kHz
• frequency response: 60 Hz-12.5 kHz (plus or minus 3 dB)
• frequency stability: plus or minus 0.005%
• SNR: > 80 dBM
• distortion degree: < 0.5% (at 1 kHz)
• channel count: two channels
• sensitivity:-80 dBm
• use distance: open field of 35 m
• harmonic interference than: 60 dB frequency
• false as interference than: 60 dB frequency
• receiver power supply: plus DC 15 V / 500 mA power supply for electrical appliances
• transmitters power supply: 3 V (1.5 V battery two)
• the transmit power: a 25 mW
• frequency range: 680 MHz-820 MHz
• output way: double way the unbalanced output and independent unbalanced output

  • standardconfiguration
  • • receiver one
    Armed with a microphone, two pens
    • receiving antenna two pens
    • audio transmission line one
    • the power adapter, a
    • four of the alkaline batteries
    • a manual
  • Detailed Specifications:

    Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Style: Handheld Microphone|Brand Name: Takstar|Package: Yes|Use: Conference Microphone|Communication: Wired|Model Number: SGC-568