Universal Microphone for samsung Microphone original 100pic//lot 3-7

Universal Microphone for samsung Microphone original 100pic//lot 3-7
Price: US $17.00/ lot, 100 pieces / lot,$0.17/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
Unit Type: lot (100 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 0.1kg|Package Size: 5cm x 7cm x 10cm

Detailed Information:

1 Replacement part for Universal Microphone for samsung Microphone
2 Comes with pretective plastic bag and safe packing
3 Large quantity in stock
4 Tested before shipping and 100% working well
5 Delivery in 2 working days after confirm payment
6 Excellent after-sale service
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Main Flex Cable,Touch ,LCD,

1: Make sure your buyers are qualified before you purchase the accessories installed, otherwise please do not photographed. Please check before photographed cable version of the models of phones with individual cables have different versions, there are differences between versions are not mutually exclusive line of GM, installed the wrong version of the individual models will lead to burn out the machine! Please leave a message before making need to purchase your own version of instructions for us not captured random delivery. For questions, the seller shall not bear not to the seller.
2. Why did I receive a detachable cable package? Some of our exclusive line of bags for the two one, if the auction of a package we need to open bags of delivery. And we should be on cable before shipment to test, test before shipment Oh good, so the packaging is open, oh.
3. Receipt required Note: Please check the packaging upon receipt for damage, if caused by loss of goods due to shipping, please contact us first!
4.After the receipt of cable to test? 4-1 test cable method: using a mobile phone motherboard, screen, cables, power supply testing. 4-2 after the first not to rush to get the goods to check installed cables to get the hand is not the model you want to purchase, and then directly to the motherboard connection or wear test machine, without any problems then loaded case. 4-3 had cable installed shall be replaced without insurance rebate does not see shopping notes. Do not test the cable folded, creased not guaranteed not to damage the cable and welded, some welding cable is required to install, but after a welding cable is not guaranteed or creased refundable, so before buying Please consider carefully.
5. Installation precautions 5-1 cable installation cable ends can not be reversed when the patch cable, unless you can guarantee the position of patch cables 100% correct. Please do not use cell phone batteries 5-2 test machines, mobile phone battery can not maintain power when used, it is not protection, go astray will burn your machine (remember to plug the wrong cable will cause the machine to burn.) 5-3 dispensers to remind friends to buy exclusive line of DIY installation cable is not sure in his own case, be sure to maintenance under the guidance of the master. In not sure whether you have purchased the parts or the installation method 100% OK 100% right circumstances, be sure to use the test machine repair power supply, do not have luck with the battery of psychological force directly boot test. Because the slightest mistake is not burned is burned cable phone, cable and even mobile phones with the burn. Friends do not listen to advice the consequences of the barbaric action is not responsible for disp ensers remember. Hope not to be burned after the machine did not blame the treasurer reminded to happen. I wish you a successful DIY!
6. Shipping & Returns first need to explain is: before the issue of our products are professionally qualified testing was only issued, but if the quality of the goods within 7 days of receipt and timely communication with the seller, otherwise inadmissible. Return premise: product must be in good condition, no capacity, no creases, no welding (ie, appearance of the product without damage.) 6-1 quality problems, the seller will negotiate with the buyer the most effective solution to provide our customers with, because of quality problems in the return, the seller is responsible for round-trip shipping, but buyers returning, the need to send back to the freight paid in advance, If there will be problems after we tested, only then a refund or replacement. Returns of non-quality problems 6-2, the seller shall not bear the freight.
7. Tips: Installed cable there are certain risks, can not guarantee 100% success can replace, repair phone also has risks, in order to install? Failed to minimize the risk of shipping damage. Recommended a purchase of two or more than two. If you do not accidentally broke there is another time for a successful installation you will feel that our warning was justified.
As cable and other accessories is a semi-finished products, most of them need to use a professional maintenance tool for disassembly, plus everyone's technologies, in the process is very easy to parts caused by varying degrees of damage in itself, so shop the sale ribbon cable, LCD, chassis and other accessories not enjoy the warranty to install, once installed, is not refundable for non-warranty! Please consider carefully the customer to buy friends! So as not to affect your shopping experience. DIY's friends under the guidance of engineers in the repair of purchase. Bought the wrong type or because of improper installation of cable can not be used byt
You can purchase their own cable to install the best, if not sure of a good friend Buy carefully installed, ready to install your friends have to repair the master caution to buy, because the individual teacher was deliberately looking for an excuse to tell you to buy with us The cable is not good, want you to buy his cable, then on OK and the like. In this case a friend, unless the repair is your master relatives or friends, or master first and buy later good communication. Another shop did not indicate if the original general non-original words, are the company's own production and agent! !
Warranty Note: Product must be in good condition, no capacity, no creases, no welding. No transposon does not guarantee

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Brand Name: for samsung|Communication: Wired|Model Number: Mobile|Style: Mobile|Use: Mobile|Warranty time: Six months|Quality: New and original|Packing: Static bag|Item: Microphone|QC PASS: OK|Transported to reach: 3-7 day|shipping: UPS EMS DHL FEDEX|MOQ: 100 pic//lot