Brand New Boogie 2 Karaoke Singing Microphone Dancing For Wii/PS3 with Free Shipping 101043

Brand New Boogie 2 Karaoke Singing Microphone Dancing For Wii/PS3 with Free Shipping 101043
Price: US $24.99/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 0.64kg|Package Size: 20cm x 20cm x 15cm

Detailed Information:

# Function explain:
The production is specially for the main engine's USB port of PS3/WII to convert microphone interface to realize Karake
Microphone function to be designed and the functions as follows:
1. Through select the place of production's conversion on-off, it can be use on the four main engines of PS3/WII, such as Boogie. ROCK BAND. Singstar. KONAMI so on dishs.
2. The conversion case has 2pcs Karaoke transmitter port, it is able for two persons singing at the same time.
3. The production match with the length of microphone link cable is up to 3.5 meters, you can enjoy dancing and singing to be full wire cable short!
4. The high-fidelity cable design can make the singing distinct and spontaneous, also keep aesthetic feeling.
5. Its convenient and simple, it will be use at once to take the USB plug of Karaoke converation case into the USB port of main engine of PS3/WII

# User Manual
1. Connect the main engine of WII/PS3 to the power,connect signal cable to TV, put in one special karaoke disc.
2. Plug the USB of production into the USB port of main engine of WII/PS3, at the same time, put microphone into the converter plug.
3. After make use of WII/PS3 handle controller enter into the content of dish, then open the on/off it is able to singing and playing.
4. Please choose the on-off of production's game main engine to place the corresponding position of using main engine in the play.
# Attention Matter1. Microphone don't to near the television in the using time, or the microphone will bring self-excitation.
2. Please pay more attention, because the limit of Karaoke Microphone game dish software, when two microphones use the same wireless transmitter, it is normal if one of microphone without sound.
3. Non-professional don't dismantle and maintain the production, in order to guarantee your manufacture rights and interests.

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Style: Handheld Microphone|Use: Karaoke Microphone|Communication: Wired|condition: brand new|color: as shown in the picture