High power / off-road / smart car chassis / Land Rover car / tracing competition platform / crawler smart car

High power / off-road / smart car chassis / Land Rover car / tracing competition platform / crawler smart car
Price: US $73.78/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 1.0kg|Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Detailed Information:

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Land Rover 5 high-power chassis shipping list:

1, car chassis frame + a pair of crawler +2WD power motor

2, 1, 6 AA series battery box (Note: the battery only show the actual delivery no battery)

Standard configuration: 188 yuan / sets (2WD, without gear speed encoder)

Land Rover 500 advertising films video:

Land Rover 5 works video display:
Product picture:

Detailed Specifications: