waistband amplifier Mini Portable Teaching speakers & Tour guide microphone Remote control+LCD Display USB MP3 / FM amplifier

waistband amplifier Mini Portable Teaching speakers & Tour guide microphone Remote control+LCD Display USB MP3 / FM amplifier
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Detailed Information:

Mini Portable amplifier Teaching speakers & Tour guide microphone Remote control+LCD Display USB MP3 / FM

Product Introduction:

Mini Microphone is tailored for the majority of teachers, friends, products of an intimate, the sound loud and clear, high fidelity, both to protect the voice, but also to improve classroom teaching. For small conferences, gatherings, indoor and outdoor education, outdoor tourism activities, tour guides, karaoke 0K partner, promotional merchandise, auctions and so on.


Output power 25W
Charging voltage 12V 450mA
Weight 255g
Microphone point to a single point
Frequency response 100Hz-10KHz ± 3dB
Use the power lithium battery 7.4V 2000mA

Size: 12.6cm*8.8cm*5cm

Total Weight: 650g (amplifier,charger,microphone,waistband,remote control
,gift Box...)
Coverage: to cover 600 square meters, 2200mA Lithium Battery
Working Hours: 8-15 hours class time the teacher

Microphone Sensitivity -53 ± 3dB

MP3 Instructions
A key function:
1.PLAY/PAUSE: Play mode press play / pause, press and select the cycle mode. Radio mode press recall saved station.
2.STOP: Stop. Radio mode press automatic search and auto-save units.
3.PREV: state of play on a short press, long press to reduce the volume. Radio mode press forward in fine-tuning the frequency, press forward in search units.
4.NEXT: playback mode a short press, long press to increase volume. Radio mode press and fine-tune frequency backward, press backward search units.
5.MODE: cut short by sources (USB / SD / Radio / off), and play status, press and select the sound.

Second, the product performance:
1 automatically detects the U disk / SD card is inserted and automatically play;
2 is fully compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 U disk, USB HOST mode of play;
3 Support CARD READER, compatible with SD / MMC card;
4 supports MP3: MPEG 1,2,2.5, Layer3, bit rate: 16Kbps-320Kbps;
5 loop (one / all)
6.6 kinds of super-sound modes: POP, ROCK, Classic, JAZZ, Bass, Flat;

Use the steps
1 using portable speakers, make sure the battery is enough power? Power lights red to indicate power enough; power light green or light that is not less power. Such as low battery, please charge before use.
(2) When used, the volume knob clockwise rotation, said power supply light is green. Continues to rotate clockwise the volume knob will increase the volume portable speakers; otherwise would reduce the volume of carry-speaking until the shutdown.
3 Connect a microphone to microphone input jack on the amplifiers, microphones and amplifiers to adjust the position to the right distance, adjust the volume knob to achieve better amplification results.
4.AUX IN: Audio input port for connecting φ3.5 plug source.

Charging Method
This machine is equipped with 12V power adapter to carry about charging jack, connect the mains to charge the battery. Battery is charging, the charging indicator light red; full power charging light green. Each charging time is approximately 6 hours.

1 When the portable speakers green power indicator light, if continued use of this machine, portable speakers will automatically power off to protect the machine battery.
2 microphone microphone core direction of the mouth and the response from the 2-3 cm.
3 charged after you use the portable speakers for use next time.

Packing List
Portable speakers host a
1 power adapter
Microphone 1
Strap a
Manual 1
1 Warranty card

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Type: Mini Amplifier|Channels: 2 (2.0)|Condition: New