Hearig Aid 2012 hot sale hearing aid device invisible hearing aid ITE heaing Sound Amplifier 3 soft ear plug 10pcs/lot

Hearig Aid 2012 hot sale hearing aid device invisible hearing aid ITE heaing Sound Amplifier 3 soft ear plug 10pcs/lot
Price: US $52.00/ lot, 10 pieces / lot,$5.20/ piece|Bulk Price: US $52.00/piece 5% off(2 lots or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 1 days
Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 0.8kg|Package Size: 20cm x 20cm x 15cm

Detailed Information:

LEYIN F-163 hearing aid

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max.saturation sound pressure level:125db+4db
full-on acoustic gain>38db
high frequency Adjustinent:450-3800hz
Equivalent input noise:<30db
Operation voltage:1.5v
Operation Current:10.8mA

A new world through super ears! / Never miss a word

1. Amplify sounds up to 38 decibeis

2. Weighs less than 20 grams

3. 4 volume levels

4. adjust to either ear

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Packing list

One unit heaing aid / three ear plugs/ two batteries/inner box/ english manual/color outer box

Usage: Hearing Aid Device

Indicatons: This device is used by patients who has problems in hearing.

Coutrain dications: This device is contraindicated against patients who has otitis media or whose ears are festering.


*If hearing whistles , check the size of the silicon earplug and the place you insert in the ear , make sure of the right size and the right place of inserting.

*Take the battery out to avoid it from corroding the hearing aid , when you dont use it for a long time

*Clean the earplug regularly tomake sure of normal operation

*Protect the hearing aid from shaking, falling , humidity and high temperature.

*Choosethe right hearing aid through the doctors

Explanations for the signs:

"N"---Turn on the power of the hearing aid

"O"---Turn off the power of the hearing aid

"+"---Positive electrode for the battery

"-"---Negative electrode for the battery

"1234"---The volume , "1"means minimum volume , "4"maximum volume

Installation Instructions

1: Attach the appropriate silicon earplug to the earplug base

2: Open the door of the battery compartment slightly, make clear the positive and negative electrode, put one piece of button battery special for hearing aid and then close it tightly.


Attach the ear hook to the back of ear, insert the earplug into the right place of the ear tightly

Switch to "N" sideand adjust the volume control until hearing clear sound.


*Switch to "O"side when the hearing aid is not used.

*When the body of the hearing aid is dirty, clean it with dry and soft cloth

*The common reasons of no sound are always the following :

1: Make sure you switch to "N" side

2: Check whether the battery is placed in the correct way

3: Check whether you close the oor of the batteyr compartment or you need to change a new battery

4: Check whether there is anything else in the earplug.

5: Check whether the leading wires are broken

6: Check whether the earphone is broken.

* The sound of the hearing aid is too small or not clear

1: The voltage of the battery is too low.

2: Earphone problems.

* The possible reasons for the short life of the battery

1: The battery is still in the hearing aid when nobody uses it and the switch is not on the "O"side

2: The battery is placed together with other metal things or exposed in the air for a long time


Protect it from the place where the relative humidity is exceeding 80% and conosive gas. Store it in a dry and ventilated place

Using Time limited

More than three years

Big quanlity welcome , resonable discount price

Detailed Specifications:

Model Number: F-163|is_customized: Yes|Type: Mini Amplifier|Package: Yes|Color: as picture|Function: sound amplifier|Position: Ear|Use: digital hearing aids|Material: ABS|Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)|Full on: Gain 38dB