3PCS/LOT F259# SMSL A1 TA2021B Digital Amplifier 25W * 2 Power Amplifier

3PCS/LOT F259# SMSL A1 TA2021B Digital Amplifier 25W * 2 Power Amplifier
Price: US $107.22/ lot, 3 pieces / lot,$35.74/ piece|Bulk Price: US $107.22/piece 5% off(10 lots or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
Unit Type: lot (3 pieces/lot)|Package Weight: 2.0kg|Package Size: 25cm x 20cm x 24cm

Detailed Information:


1,real2 * 25WStereocircuit design;

2, the internalfilter capacitorin parallel with11230uf,bursting withpowerto meetneeds and solvepartialdelicatevoiceswitching power supplyproblems;

3,built-inspeakerprotection andpowerdelay circuit, sothere was noimpact soundandswitchto protectyourexpensivespeakers;

4,the protection ofhumandisplaystartinstruction;

5, the realfull-feveralloriginal accessoriesmanufacturing;

6,advancedoxidation processgrainpullaluminumshell;

7,theterminal's firstanti-sliptechnologyto address thetraditionalpower amplifierspeakerwireconnectionterminaltwistslipa common problem;

8,the firstrelativelyTA2021develop its ownspecialbrand ofinductance(digitalpower amplifieris oneof the most importantparts).

The main performanceindicators:

25W, 4Ω
13.5W, 8Ω
81% @ 25W, 4Ω
88% @ 13.5W, 8Ω
Dynamic Range: 100dB

External Dimension:148*97*32, includingprotrudingparts

PanelColor:Black/silver / gold(buyplease specify)


Case Material: Aluminum

Shell process:pullinggrainoxide(notthe sameas thepaintfade)

Screentechnology:laser engraving(notthe sameas thepaintfade)

SignalInput: RCAgold-platedlotussignal input

Signaloutput:4-wiresignal output

Power Supply: DC9-14.5V 50Wor morediameter2.5mmoutside diameteris5.5mmUngrateful

Circuitboard: 1.6mmthickallglassImmersion Gold


Powerindicator lightinstalled in theknobinsidethe boot that islight.

Protection andstart thelightsinstalled in thepower switchbelow.Protection circuitdoes not startthe machineordrive,thisindicator does notlight up.

Pcaking list:


Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Type: Mini Amplifier|Brand Name: SMSL|Channels: 2 (2.0)|Model Number: A1|Color: Black / silver / gold|Dynamic range: 100dB.|core: TA2021B|size: 148*97*32mm|Case Material: Aluminum