HiEnd MBL8006 power amplifier clone kit , KO 3000USD grade AMP no problem

HiEnd MBL8006 power amplifier clone kit , KO 3000USD grade AMP no problem
Price: US $238.88/ pair|Bulk Price: US $238.88/piece 5% off(2 pair or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 6 days
Unit Type: pair|Package Weight: 2.0kg|Package Size: 15cm x 20cm x 30cm

Detailed Information:

You are bidding on HiEnd MBL 8006 clone power AMP kit, KO 3000USD grade AMP no problem.

very noblest and open sounds,especial the midrange sounds very smooth like a tube amp ,very open field sounds

circuit and size 99% reference and base on MBL 8006,

this is a kit ,you need assemble yourself,we have a DIY direction to help you assemble,not difficult.

we use the component better than original MBL8006.

1%exactly Taiwan made resistor ,gold panansonic and nichicon KG capacitor,exactly macth transistor(match transistor is very important )

new original MBL8006 about 8000usd in China,you just spend 1/20 money that you can hear 95%level of original MBL 8006

I strongly recommend use my Goldmund mimesis 27+ clone pre amp to match MBL 8006 power amp ,absolutely wonderful sounds .

power supply :

AC38V-0-0-38V ,separate power for each channel is better.transformer power >500VA for 2 channel is necessary.

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  • This is original MBL 8006 power amp

    PLease read carefully the detail

    this is my MBL8006 clone chassis

    Detailed Specifications:

    Type: Home Amplifier|Brand Name: MBL|Channels: 2 (2.0)|Model Number: MBL 8006