wholesale BMB/DAX-1000 amplifier Japan's best sellingoriginal free microphone

wholesale    BMB/DAX-1000 amplifier Japan's best sellingoriginal free microphone
Price: US $468.00/ piece|Discount Price: US $430.56/ piece(13 days left )|Bulk Price: US $468.00/piece Additional 8% off(2 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 7 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 24.5kg|Package Size: 74cm x 43cm x 67cm

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Free shipping ,Japan`s best selling wholesale original BMB/DAX-1000 amplifier,
Weight: 23.4kg
Output Power: 200W
Size: 420 (W) × 159 (H) ...
Impedance: 8
Brand: BMB
Model: DAX-1000
Does the stage: hifi


Free shipping ,Wholesale salesJapan`s best selling wholesale original BMB/DAX-1000 amplifier,
Weight: 23.4kg
Output Power: 200W
Size: 420 (W) × 159 (H) ...
Impedance: 8
Brand: BMB
Model: DAX-1000
Does the stage: hifi

Output channel: 2.0
Maximum Output 200W × 4 channel
Wireless Remote Control
Stereo echo
Configuring the pitch controller (13-order transformation)
Whistle attenuation

Large effect output
Has a maximum output power up to 200W (DAX-1000: 4-channel), to fully cover the wide space.And plenty of power but also makes the general volume of the sound quality when playing more beautiful fullness.

Whistle attenuation
One of the functions as a protective speaker, BMB amplifier equipped with a whistle attenuation, can inhibit the whistle to protect the speaker, while improving the consumer when singing karaoke OK smooth feeling.

Interval modulation function 13
BMB audio amplifier with a 13 degree programs ± 3.0 audio tone function.Increase the magnitude of change to increase the bass range.

Other convenience features
Stereo echo set off sweet and moving, the standard remote control with infinite simple convenience; to point curve more smoothly, more fun to enjoy the concert.

Big Output Power: 200W × 4CH (8 EIAJ)
Main control adjustment: 13 degrees interval ± 3.0 audio DSP
Audio Input: 3 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, BGM)
Video Input: 3 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, BGV)
Microphone Input: 5 System: in front of 3, followed by 2
Reverb change: ECHO Stereo ON / OFF (STEREO / MONO)
Noise reduction: manually set
Dimensions: (mm) 420 (W) × 159 (high) × 415 (L)
Weight: 23.4kg

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|Type: Professional Amplifier|Channels: 5 (4.1)