MUSE Class-A 6N11 Tube Headphone Amplifier & Pre-AMP With Power Adapter

MUSE Class-A 6N11 Tube Headphone Amplifier & Pre-AMP With Power Adapter
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MUSE Class-A 6N11 Tube Headphone Amplifier & Pre-AMP With Power Adapter

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If you still purchase this one,we defualt send you the Muse 6N11 MK2 Amplifier


Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier & Pre Amplifier
Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely!!!
Our Indeed headphone amplifier is different to others.
A/ Original Japan ALPS Volume potentiometer in use.

B/Precision Japan KOA 5 Color ring resistance

C/ High cost Large 24V2A low noise adapter with grounding.

D/ Precision select 6N11 valve, also match R/L channel within 1dB out put differential.

E/NIVHI VZ series,ELNA RJJ series Filter capacitance

It is a high value and cute headphone amplifier hook up to your PC / Mp3 /MP4/ ipod / any stereo device. You can have a powerful, dynamic and sweet TUBE SOUND from your headphone !

You’ll be astounded at the improvement in sound quality, dynamic range, meticulous transparency, completely demonstrate its high performance and analytical ability, it can also connect with power amplifier such as a high performance pre amplifier to improve your Hi Fi system.

New 6N11 tube 1970-1983 made in Peking mark with <J>, but never used.
In China <J> means for military use (highest grade)
(we have carefully choose and test in Lab).
-Using Elna ,Wima Caps and Panasonic resistor.
The each one of 6DJ8/6922/ECC88 is fully suitable for replacement with much difference musical taste chose by owner. (6DJ8/6922/ECC88 Excluding in this item for sale)!


In Put Power: DC24V

Input Sensitivity: 50mV

Input Impedance: 100K Ohm

Out-Put Impedance: 20~600 Ohm

Gain: 20dB

Frequency response: 10Hz-60KHz +/- 0.25dB

Signal/Noise Ratio: >91dB

Dynamic range: 84.6dBA(300 ohm) 89.8dBA(33 ohm)

THD: 0.016%(300 ohm) 0.45%(33 ohm)

IMD + Noise: 0.045(300 ohm) 0.42(33ohm)

Dimension:79mm (D) X 79mm (W) X 44mm (H)not measure to tube and transformer

Shipping Weight: 0.55 kg


It's is usually 20sec delay when it is turned on, please insert your headphone by then.

Please turn on headphone first before turn on your amplier if you use it as a pre-amplier!

Packing list:
1 * MUSE 6N11 Tube Headphone Amplifier

1 * Power Adapte

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)