Free shipping-New SENSE G1 USB DAC Function Tube headphone amplifier 2P2+VMOS classic match

Free shipping-New SENSE G1 USB DAC Function Tube headphone amplifier 2P2+VMOS classic match
Price: US $99.99/ piece|Bulk Price: US $99.99/piece 5% off(3 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days
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Detailed Information:

New 2012 version SENSE G1 USB DAC Function Tube headphone amplifier+ Power supply

--2P2+VMOS Classic match
--Directly heated cathode tube headphone amplifier

2012 Version SENSE G1 tube amplifier+USB DAC

-Beautiful, practical appearance design-


1)Headphone amplifier part:

2P2 directly heated cathode Tube+VMOS Tube Circuit,Combined with respective advantage of the electronic tube and a field effect tube,so that the headphone amplifier not only has warm soft guts of the electronic tube but also has the quick and strength effect of Field Effect Transistor(FET).

The unique timbre of Electron tube is very suitable for high frequency Playback voice,especially sounds very beautiful for the female voice and violin.

The output stage adopts famous IRF610 as Class A output,Large current output can make G1 powerful at low frequency,the music sounds more appealing!Especially for the Characteristic of directly heated cathode Tube,the sound is clear,neat,good in Power and control.This can ensure G1 headphone amplifier as a high performance-price ratio product!

2)Component Selection:

All aluminum shell
The whole machine adopts world famous brand capacitors,1%Metal film color ring resistors.
In order to ensure the total performance of G1 headphone amplifier, all the key part adopts high quality fevercomponents,such as ALPS special volume potentiometer,Inner circuit adopts Modular design,Amp power amplification and signal processing is divided into two pieces of circuitboard:The main PCB for power supply and power amplification part, another PCB for signal input,processing and DAC part.

3)USB DAC Part:

SENSE G1 is a tube headphone amplifier with USB DAC function,the USB DAC part is composed by USB receiver chipand seperate decoding chip.PCM2706 as USB receiver chip,outputs digital signals to decoding chip via I2S format,this canensure the quality of digital signals,Decoding chip adopts good reputation phillips TDA1305T,which is used in many famousmachines.This function balancing machine is the of high Capability/price Ratio,based on its compact and portable size,very harmonious,especially suitable for notebook users.

SENSE G1 is suitable for use with CD/MD/MP3/MP4/ipod/computer sound source,support Win 2000/Win XP/Vista/Win 7,Mac OSX the first time in use by USB input,the system will automatically install USB SOUND driver,after then Plug andplay.)

1.For it is an A type of output, the current is relatively very large,long time use of the amp,the enclosure will have acertain temperature,please put it in a good ventilation with good heat dissipation.
2.Microphone effect: For the Special Characteristic of the directly heated cathode Tube,when the tube is working,the filament will produce a sound like"the Microphone echo"when Subjected to external vibration,we usually called this"Microphone effect".So when use the directly heated cathode Tube headphone amplifier,it's better to place it on a flattable,surely if there is no Severe concussion should be better.
3.When use G1 as preamplifier,please output via headphone socket,for there is no output on the rear panel output socket.

Technology Parameter:

Amplifier:Tube+VMOS Class A amp
Output Power: >500mW
Response Frequency: 20Hz-35KHz
Headphone impedance:32-300ohms

signal to noise ratio (SNR):>90dB
USB input: PCM2706
Line input:3.5mm stereo jack
Headphone Output:6.35mm stereo jack
Dimension:132mmx83mmx65mm(not include theProjection)
Support Systems:Win XP/Win 2003/Vista/Win7 32/64 bit
Weight: 520g

Power supply
Input Voltage:AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Output Voltage:DC24V 1000mA

Tube description:

2P2 Tube:
2P2:directly heated cathode entode Tube
Main usage:Low frequency power amplifier

Basic Parameter
Filament voltage(Uf)=1.2/2.4V
Filament Current(If)=0.06/0.03A
Anode voltage(Ua)=60V
Anode Current(Ia)=3.5+/-1.2mA

The first grid voltage(Ug1)=-3.5V
The second gate voltage(Ug2)=60V
The second gate current(Ig2)<=1.2mA
Output Power(PO)=50mW;
Nonlinear distortion coefficient(THD)<=10%.


SENSE G1 Package List:

1 x G1 headphone amplifier(include the tube)

1 x Power Supply x1

1 x USB Connection Cable


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Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|is_customized: Yes|Type: Mini Amplifier|Brand Name: SENSE|Package: No|Model Number: G1|Channels: Other|tube amplifier: Directly heated cathode tube headphone amplifier