Wholesale Brand New Lens Cap For Samsung EX1 Camera

Wholesale Brand New Lens Cap For Samsung EX1 Camera
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Wholesale Brand New Lens Cap For Samsung EX1 Camera


We know that, in order to keep the thin body, the Samsung EX1 not designed built-in lens cover open and close automatically, instead of using a solution of the external lens cap. Although the strength of the external lens cap is more conducive to the protection of the camera lens from harm, but requires two hands operation can be mounted on the lens cover can easily be lost, lost not good with.

Now, this contradiction with the automatic positioning of the lens cap ALC-6 was born solved.
Automatic lens cover has three spring automatically return the "active lens cover. It works: in the boot, the the projecting lens will lens cover open the top, shutdown, lens cap three active lens cover automatically recover well play the role of a protective lens.




Use:For Samsung EX1

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