ZF2000 ZF-2000 Hot shoe LED VIDEO Light Lamp Lighting 2000LM 5600k 2x CREE XML U2 for Camera Camcorder DV DSLR pf019

ZF2000 ZF-2000 Hot shoe LED VIDEO Light Lamp Lighting 2000LM 5600k 2x CREE XML U2 for Camera Camcorder DV  DSLR pf019
Price: US $105.68/ piece|Bulk Price: US $105.68/piece 12% off(4 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days
Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 0.6kg|Package Size: 12cm x 10cm x 8cm

Detailed Information:

Product presentation:

ZF-2000 LED video light is latest LED video lamp,It is an upgraded version of VS-1400.
ZF-2000 use two CREE XML U2 Led lamp,The brightness is about one and a half times than VS-1400.It also have an optical lens to increase the brightness.in addition,led lamp use ceramic PCB and the system use new cooling method,So,you can use the lamp continued but do not need to worry about overheat,furthermore,ZF-2000 has 7 levels lighting control and battery capacity meter function.

Use two CREE XML U2 LED,color temperature 5600K. Switch divided into two groups, each switch control one LED. Flux is 1000LM/Group. Two switches pressed,will reach 2000LM.


Operating manual:

Press SW1 3200K LED works, press SW2 5600K works. Press both switches you can obtain the full power. Through the dimmer you can adjust the light as your requirement.

This lamp fits SONYF750/960,QM71/91 battery. F550 battery can not be used because of the low capacity. F550 can be damaged if it is used at full power in this lamp. The burning time is as follows: 75min/F750, 110min/F960. you can obtain the long burning time by reducing the power.
Attention: please take off the battery after use.
Please reduce the power if the environment temperature is higher than 30 degree.

Package includes:

1st/2nd:Special DC DV CAMERAs CAMCORDERs from China

3rd-Accessories on the cameraDV:


(Flash,sync Cable,Flash Power Supply,Diffusion Bounce,Fold Flat Diffuser,Flashgun Power Pack,trigger and receiver,Flash Stand)


(light lamp,hotshoe adapter,Microphone,IR controll,wireless controll)

5th-mount ring Adapter/repair part inside camera:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/103656/211198080/5th-mount-ring-Adapter-repair-part-inside-camera.html

(Various kinds of Adapter rings for a brand's len to connect another one brand's body.Ring Tube,macro fold bellow,sth between lens and body.And there'r LCD,shutter button,LCD/Shutter Flex Cable.)

6th-Accessories in (the) front of camera&lens:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/103656/211198070/6th-Accessories-in-the-front-of-camera-lens.html

(Cap,hood,lens pen,blower,cleaning kit,filter,filter adapter ring,filter hodler,filter bag,filter box,lens cap Keeper lanyard,fish lens,wide lens,Macro Lens ,telescope lens.)

7th-Accessories behind the camera:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/103656/211198057/7th-Accessories-behind-the-camera.html
(eyepiece,Eyecup,viewfinder,protection screen/protective film,hand Belt,strap,LCD Shade,eyecup adapter.)

8th-Accessories surround the camera:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/103656/211198035/8th-Accessories-surround-the-camera.html

(Camera Bags, Cases ,waterproof pouch ,rain cover ,Underwater Housing,lens padded case.)

9th-Tripod Accessories under the Camera:


(Tripod,tripod accessories,monopod,tripodhead,quick release plate,threaded screw,tripod screw)


(DV/CamDSLR accessories,Follow foucus,Tripod Mount Ring)

10th-studio equipment tool accessories:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/103656/211198021/10th-studio-equipment-tool-accessories.html

(background&support,studio lights,light stand,soft/reflector panel,umbrella,softbox,bulbs,photo tent.)

11th-Camera cables battery charger Memory Card:


(all kinds of batteries,wall chargers,car chargers)


(USB data cables,AV cables,charging cable,SD card,CF CARD,MS,MMS)


Detailed Specifications:

model: pf019|Luminous flux: 2000LM|Color temperature: 3200K / 4500K / 5600K