Free shipping until Christmas Day---Hot sale 40cm Chocolate fountain(EC-40)

Free shipping until Christmas Day---Hot sale 40cm Chocolate fountain(EC-40)
Price: US $283.79/ piece|Bulk Price: US $283.79/piece 8% off(6 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 5 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 8.0kg|Package Size: 43cm x 43cm x 37cm

Detailed Information:

chocolate fountain

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1. Parameters:


2.Maximum Diameter: 19CM

3.Maximum Height: 33CM

4.Electrical Source: Single-phase 220V,50HZ or 110V,60HZ

5.Packing: 1PCS/(colour box),4(colour box)/(outside box)

6.Packing Size: 43*43*37CM

7.N.W/G.W: 6/8KG

8.Qty,20' 1560pcs,40' 3120pcs

Our products have past CE & RoHS certiication to ensure the product is of good quality and safe to use~~~~~

2. History of chocolate fountain:

Chocolate fountain machines were invented by Ben Brisman and popularized by a Canadian company called Design & Realisation, the popularity of which was relatively mild until other companies like Buffet Enhancements and Sephra stepped into the marketplace and made the product more visible by broadening the clientelle demographic and expanding the customer base.

Originally, the market was entirely commercial, with chocolate fountains costing thousands of dollars and requiring significant upkeep. The popularity of chocolate fountains grew to a point of demand at a consumer retail level as people who had seen commercial models at catered events inquired about purchasing their own fountains. Then, at the end of 2004, the Hellmann Group began marketing the Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain for personal use. Sephra followed close behind, introducing a line of high-end home chocolate fountains in 2005. These new personal-use models were targeted to be priced for everyday consumers and easy to use.

This expansion into the retail market caused the demand to peak drastically. Consumers drooled over the new home models and the idea of chocolate fountains became more commonplace. As a result, the catering industry saw more requests for chocolate fountains at events. This also provoked a creative splash in the fondue world. Flavoring oils such as mint, orange, and cappuccino were developed to give the chocolate extra taste. Caterers began adding food coloring to white chocolate to make it coincide with special holidays or events. Caterers and home users created special recipes for a variety of fondues that would flow well in a fountain. Some of the more popular recipes included caramel, cheese, maple syrup, ranch dressing, and BBQ sauce. Because of the growing practice of using chocolate fountains for other types of fondue, chocolate fountains became interchangeably referred to as "fondue fountains".

Today, commercial chocolate fountains are a common fixture at well-to-do galas, weddings, and catered parties; while home chocolate fountains are more commonly seen at birthday parties and friendly gatherings.

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Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)|Brand Name: EVERUP|Layer: Triple|Certification: CE,RoHS|Power (W): 110|Type: Electric|Voltage (V): 220|Model Number: EC-40|Tiers: 3|Maximum Diameter: 19cm|Maximum Height: 33cm|Volts: 110 or 220v|Packing Size: 43*43*37CM|N.W/G.W: 6kg/8kg