SHENTOP QP-44 5 layer chocolate fountain 100% guarantee

SHENTOP QP-44 5 layer chocolate fountain 100% guarantee
Price: US $1,356.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $1,356.00/piece 2% off(11 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 4 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 70.0kg|Package Size: 71cm x 64cm x 52cm

Detailed Information:


Aluminumfoil package size: 710 x640 x 520 mm

The biggest diameter: 50 cm
Maximum height: 110 cm
Tower layer: 5
Voltage: 50 Hz ac 220 V / 110 V 60 Hz

The motor power: 550 W
Heating power: 1000 W Temperature control range: 0-100
Weight: 24 KG

Capacity: 5 K

Suitable for: tea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western food shop equipment, drinks shop equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, leisure food factory equipment

1.the introduction of chocolate fountain:
Chocolate fountain machine is to point to will form a pretty smooth chocolate fountain effect, you can use different foods, chocolate or sauce, with their own chocolate fountain mechanism of taste, work your like this depends on your choice.
Chocolate fountain machine in any circumstances will create the result of extraordinary. For example: the wedding, birthday party, the graduation party, business party, holiday, with friends or family general party.

2.The type ofchocolatefountain:

Chocolatefountainwheretheirusecan be divided intohomeand commercialtype.Buyerscanusetheir ownapplicationstochoose their ownproductmodels.The followingis abrief description oftwo types ofmachines:
Household:HouseholdChocolate Fountain3highof about40CM.Usuallyyou can use thedishwasherforcleaning.
Businesstype:CommercialChocolateFountain50CMheightto 3meters,designedforprofessional cateringlocated in theservice environment.Thischocolatefountainis usuallyfrom food gradestainless steel(304)madeitmoredurablecommercial-typefountainmachinecapacityrangingfrom3KG-50KG.

3.Chocolate Fountainpulpchoice:

Meltedchocolateis very sensitiveto temperature,it is oftenusedvery highcocoa buttercontent inchocolatetest-dimensionalmusic.Richcocoa butterto ensurea steadyflow ofliquidchocolate.If you are usingchocolatecocoa buttercontentis too low, it must beadded to improve theviscosityof theadditives (general usevegetable oil).Unlessdesignedspecifically for thespecialchocolatefountainchocolate,chocolatein generaltest-dimensionalcurveordegree ofmeltingof theviscousfluidcirculationreachthe requirements,so it isrequiredto include an additionalvegetable oil.As thevegetable oiladdedwill affectthe aromaand tasteof chocolate,chocolatefountainchocolaterecommendedspecial.Most of theChocolate Fountainchassistemperatureenough tomeltchocolatedirectly,it is oftenthe firstto usemicrowavetomeltchocolate,then addthe fountainmachine.

Dedicatedhighcocoa butterchocolatepricesgenerally higher,anothercheaperoption is tochocolatesyrup,also known as "chocolatecoating."Chocolatesyrupcheap,andis alreadyliquid,sodo not need tobeheatedto melt,more convenient.AlthoughsuperiorBelgianchocolateis expensive,but itsquality andtastevery good.

Detailed Specifications:

Model Number: QP-44|Voltage (V): 220|Power (W): 1000|Type: Electric|Certification: CE|Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Layer: Five|Material: Stainless steel|Color: Silver|Feature: Simple, easy to clear, fast installation