vacuum compression bags special 50CM * 70CM E7105

vacuum compression bags special 50CM * 70CM E7105
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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 0.1kg|Package Size: 11cm x 11cm x 11cm

Detailed Information:

Product Name:Yeeper vacuum compression bags 50CM * 70CM
Color:Figure(Note: the arrival of each batch packaging may vary please understand)
Size:50CM * 70CM
Material:Polyester + polyethylene (PET + PE)And High-strength composite materials

You is not often think of clothing at home nowhere to pile up, especially in winter quilts, to be covered up, the problem is really a headache. Modern home, inch size gold, not quilts, winter clothes have to occupy a lot of space in your wardrobe, it is uneconomical thing. Unique vacuum principle Shunjia vacuum compression bags, clothing, quilts, where extraction vacuum, your clothes, instant "weight loss", the volume is reduced to the one-third to one-fifth now collection they also used headache? ! And the use of vacuum compression bags moisture, mildew, moth - clothing storage, in one step. Vacuum compression bags has long been popular in foreign countries, basic and everyone has set you waiting for what!

1. Open the bag, loaded into collated the quilt or clothing.
2. One way or another the bag mouth two-thirds, leaving one-third, to open the mouth of the 1/3
3. Volume quilt or clothing, so most of the air discharged from the 1/3 of the mouth (the pump friends must pay attention to Oh,This can save a lot of effort)
4. Quickly put the remaining 1/3 way or another
5. The seal with zipper slides back and forth, to ensure that the bag real closed
6 Loosen the exhaust valve is the mouth of the vacuum cleaner or pump alignment cutting the door to start pumping. (Note pump, a long time to smoke because of the large bag, this time without smoked all of a sudden, the middle can be stopped, tighten the exhaust valve, so that air does not go in, and so the rest is after, or time to exhaust.)
7. Smoked gas, tighten the exhaust cutting the door, covered with dust cover, complete the entire process.

[Tips] Do not screw the exhaust cutting the door down, loosen the can, inside round gasket children, do not remove!

Pump use:
The manual pump certainly not electric vacuum cleaner faster, but also can achieve satisfactory results when used correctly. Quilt clothing fitted into the future, we must first sealing zipper. Vacuum compression bags pumping valve the the dust cover Qudiao, loosen the valve, try to manually compress the bag to get a bit more drain air. Then mounted on the valve on the pump. If the pump is relatively large, and is loaded into the bad, then removing the pump in front of the green rubber sleeve, rubber vacation first in compression bag valve, because the seal of the reason, the rubber sleeve will be slightly larger than the valve, to use The crowded installed on the air valve. Rubber suit and then pump mounted on a rubber sleeve, so that you can start pumping.

Exhaust tips:
The valve screw loose to exhaust valve in the screw to send 1.5 laps around the exhaust can achieve the best results. 110 * 70 bags take about 4-6 minutes, 4-6 minutes of labor in exchange for a year's collection time, or quite cost-effective.
After the exhaustion of the air bag, whipped out the nozzle and tighten the valve, the dust cover press it tightly.

1. Away from heat, fire, do not use needles, nails, and other hard objects, direct contact with the compression bags to avoid damage.
Compression bag zipper part, such as frequent bending causes deformation will reduce the sealing performance.
3 large, it is difficult items of income, do not force them into.

Frequently Asked Questions
1, compression bag can be folded this: the exhaust after compression bags can not be folded.
2, will be reduced compression bags exhaust, such as 80 * 60 cm compression bags after pumping narrowed to 70 x 50 cm.
Compression bags can be repeated only used it? Shunjia extra-thick vacuum compression bags can be used repeatedly, is not a one-time so

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Electric air pump

Detailed Specifications:

Compressed form: The bag pressure pumping style|Material: PET + PE Material|Compressed object: Clothes stuffed toys quilt|Brand: Yeeper|Series: Compression bags|Product Category: Single product|Monolayer thickness: 7 wire