Exported to Europe and America high-grade far infrared electric ceramic stove

Exported to Europe and America high-grade far infrared electric ceramic stove
Price: US $250.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $250.00/piece 10% off(10 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 10 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 3.0kg|Package Size: 47cm x 37cm x 12cm

Detailed Information:

Sunwo Electric Co.,Ltd

Specialized in the production of kitchen appliance such as Bread Maker, Convection Oven, Deep Fryer, Food Steamer, Electric BBQ etc., Weve already got the full set ITS certificates in latest version, CE, GS, LVD, EMC, ErP, PAH, DGCCRF, LFGB, RoHS, ETL, CETL.

We are in possession of our own plant over 20,000 square meters, with the metal processing depart, plastic injection depart, molding depart and assembly depart etc., weve got the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and established good business relationship with the customers from Europe, America, Middle East, Hong Kong, South Easter Asia and South America etc. Welcome OEM/ODM!

Export electric ceramic heaters, no radiation, do not pick the cookware suitable for all cookware

1, energy saving, high thermal efficiency;
2, any material cookware can be used;
3, wide voltage design, not subject to voltage fluctuations;
4, environmental protection, there is no electromagnetic radiation;
5, use safe, do not worry about the risk of gas poisoning or explosion;
6, can directly replace the heater for heating;
7, easy to clean and fast.
8, the overall panel, nice, manual switch, stepless downshift, simple and convenient.
9, special far infrared light wave technology, the human body without any radiation damage.
10, do not pick the pot, can be applied to any material cookware.
11, cooking, hot pot, soup, barbecue, heating, insulation and other functions can be chosen at random.
12, non-smoking, no open flame, does not produce any emissions, environmental health
13, easy to clean, durable

Power: 1800W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Gross weight: 3KDG
Net weight: 2.8KG
Packing size: 340X88X402MM

Integrity of trading
The prices are transparent, non-fraudulent.
Different materials, different prices.
Such as procurement cost savings, according to your requirements change materials, welcome ODM / OEM.










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Remarks: 1.Acceptance of product customization. Can ODM / OEM. 2.We are the manufacturer, All of products prices are very competitive which are from factory. Samples are free, but which need to be paid, which will be returned back to you after you make order. As long your next big order

OEM / big order optional items
1.LOGO Customization: Customers own brand
2. Color Customization: spray paint / plating / printing
3. Voltage Customization: 100V-240V optional
4. Electric heating tube heating power: 500W-3500W selectable
5. Plug Customization: any country.
6. Metal Material: select iron / aluminum / stainless steel / copper. If the sample is made of stainless steel metal parts, and you think the price is very expensive, can you ask for as iron or aluminum lower your purchase cost.
7. Different materials, the price of course is different, please understand
Sample / Family private users buy notes
1.LOGO: None. Consignment products there LOGO.
2. Color: Random send
3. Voltage: How many V, please specify when ordering. No description of the default product.
4. Plug: What country's power plug required please specify. No description of the default product.
5. We are not retailers, only accept sample order, hope you have a big order.
6. As long as you have a big order, This sample is free of charge, When you purchase a sample amount paid, In large order deduction, Or give you 1PCS products.
7. We are the manufacturer, not trading companies and agents and distributors, Factory products are not standing stock, Workshop finished large shipments, Model room production sample quantity also more, Please understand. So best to write in to ask when ordering, This is not to waste your valuable time. Transaction integrity, For you Responsible, Hereby Instructions
1. The sample does not include shipping: You can find your own courier company. Own call UPS / DHL / EMS ....
2. Express to pay: Express delivery arrives, you pay the amount to pay the courier account. This is very important, be sure to provide us in advance, good for us to tell the courier company.
3. Sample including shipping: Express options, for the greater cost savings for you, we have the right to choose which courier companies.
4.21KG: order samples, weight 21KG to 21KG or above, there is significant price concessions.
5. Shipping: Large orders are shipping containers. Offshoring and FOB





Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Chongqing China (Mainland)|Hot Plate Surface: Solid Hotplate|is_customized: Yes|Housing: Metal|Brand Name: ODM/OEM|Installation: Countertop|Power (W): 1800|Voltage (V): 220|Color: Red