PK-JG-7832 Gas French Hot Plate with Cabinet, 700 series, for Commercial Kitchen

PK-JG-7832 Gas French Hot Plate with Cabinet, 700 series, for Commercial Kitchen
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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 70.0kg|Package Size: 73cm x 78cm x 91cm

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PK-JG-7832 Gas French Hot Plate with Cabinet, 700 series, for Commercial Kitchen

Matter about Grill (Hot plate)

A grill (often called a griddle) has a flat, heated surface that is used to cook foods quickly in short-order, institutional, and restaurant food facilities. A grill can be purchased as a freestanding unit, as a part of a range top, as a table model, or in a modular unit for mounting on an equipment stand. Recently grills have been manufactured that can be dropped into a stainless-steel table, creating a smooth, easy-to-clean cooking area.

In institutions, grill s are used to prepare a wide variety of food products, including steaks, chops, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and sautéed vegetables. The fast-food industry often uses a grill and a fryer for all hot-food preparation. Grills can be purchased for mounting on a stand with casters, permitting ease of cleaning after the grill is turned off at the end of the day. Fire regulations require automatic extinguishing devices because of the high temperature and the presence of flammable grease.

Accessories for grills are limited to the various methods for mounting the equipment, as discussed. Grills that are purchased as part of a range section should be specified with spreader plates on each side so that raw ingredients and cooked products can be handled easily by the cook. Chrome-plated grills are popular because of the ease of cleaning the surface after the grill is turned off.

Primary use in the food operation

In the short-order restaurant, the grill is used for almost all breakfast menu items. At lunch, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, grilled sandwiches, and many other fast-food item are cooked quickly and efficiently on the grill. In all types of food facilities, the grill is extremely valuable piece of equipment that can be prepare many different types of food.

Determining capacity and size

Grills are usually purchased in widths of 2,3,4,5, or 6 feet (610, 915, 1,220, 1,525, or 1,830mm). The distance from front to back of the grill top is usually between 21 and 34 inches (530 and 860mm), less the narrow trough that is located along the front or back edge for collecting grease. Grills are rated by the number of hamburgers per hour that can be prepared. This cooking performance standard usually falls within a range of 400 hamburgers per hour for a 24-inch (610mm), grill to 2,400 hamburgers per hour for a 6-foot (1,830mm) grill.

Large grills usually have one control dial and thermostat for each 12 inches (305mm) of grill surface. This feature permits the cook to have different surface temperatures at several points across the grill, so that different foods can be cooked at the same time. For example, fried eggs, sausage, and pancakes could all be cooked at the same time on a 4-or 6-foot (1,220- or 1,830-mm) grill.

Detailed Specifications:

Hot Plate Surface: Coil Hotplate|Housing: Stainless Steel|Brand Name: PROKIT|Certification: CE,RoHS|Power (W): 9600|Voltage (V): 380|Model Number: PK-JG-7832|Installation: Free standing|Application: Hotel, Commercial Kitchen, Fast Food, Restaurant|Function: Grilling, cooking|Gas type: LPG or Natural Gas|Material: S.steel Chassis|Power: 9.6kw|Net Weight: 91kg|Dimension: 700x750x880mm|Cabinet/Pilot fire: Included|Thermostat gas valve: EUROSIT gas valve|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)