commercial induction soup cooker (High capacity)

commercial induction soup cooker (High capacity)
Price: US $5,200.00/ set|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: set|Package Weight: 12.0kg|Package Size: 43cm x 50cm x 23cm

Detailed Information:

Power : 15000w,20000w,25000w,30000w

Rated voltage(V):380,50/60HZ

Dimensions :1750*1050*(800+400)mm,1950*1050*(800+400)mm,215*1250*(800+400)mm,2350*1350*(800+400)mm


The installation environment

Operating voltage: the three-phase five line type / 380V

The maximum voltage fluctuation:340V-430V

Operating frequency:50-60HZ

Protect category: IPXO

Operating environment temperature: - 5 degrees - + 40 degrees

Operating environment humidity:30%-90%

1. efficient: to heat with the principle of electromagnetic ,heat faster, thermal efficiency is up to 90% and improve the dishes rate;
2,.safety: security protection such as waterproof, prevent smoke, prevent leakage, prevent dry heating protection ,more safe , electricity -saving
3. intelligent design: nine gear firepower circulation adjustment, balance the power output, circulating cooling structure, does not exist heat conduction and thermal, energy-saving over 50% than the ordinary gas/oil focal , Save money = Make money
5.environmental protection: no flame, no dust, halogen-light exhaust, ultra low noise design (below 45 db), optimized kitchen environment;
6.beautiful: stainless steel seiko meticulous humanized design, high-grade durable, easy to clean.

Detailed Specifications:

Brand Name: Chuhe|Certification: CE|Housing Material: Stainless Steel|Power (W): 15000|Voltage (V): 380|Model Number: CH-15YT|Dimensions: 1750 *1050 *(800+400)mm|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)