EMS/DHL fast shipping ! High quality commercial blender KYH-201-S 2.2L deluxe standard type

EMS/DHL fast shipping ! High quality commercial blender KYH-201-S 2.2L deluxe standard type
Price: US $142.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $142.00/piece 5% off(4 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days

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Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 15.0kg|Package Size: 36cm x 32cm x 58cm

Detailed Information:

Blenders with Stainless Steel Blade, Low noise design

Commercial Ice Blender is suitable forboth the cold and hot. It is able to makeiceandvegetablejuice for mixing and stirring with a broad application.





Rotation speed



2.2L Calibrated plastic jug

Stainless steel blade

Unlimited speed regulation

Powerful ice crushing capability





Inner packing




Outter packing






1.Parts of the Commercial Ice Blender

2. Eight Advanges of knife and chopping board of KuaiTe's Commercial Ice Blender

1)Knife casing, bearing and water-proof rubber ring are set with assembling gap due to the precise design for the sensation expand with heat and contract with cold.

2)Special process is adopted to connect two blades, being simple and stable and reducing the seams where dirty things may hide.

3)1.5mm thick 310 stainless steel blade is made by overall stamping,.

4)External water-proof rubber ring---preventing food powder and water from entering the knife and breeding bacteria in knife and chopping board, causing the blocking of bearing.

5)Internal water-proof rubber ring---wearing and high temperature resistant aircraft materials are used, the price of which is 10 times cheaper than that of common one and working life is 2times longer.

6) Bearing---it completely adopts Japanese imported NSK bearing, the working life of which is 5 times longer than that of the common ones.

7) Driver and transmission gear: 1.304 stainless steel powder metallurgy materials which are not easy to break (nylon plastic embedded aluminum pattern key can be seen on the market for most time but it is easily worn and broken and parts need changing frequently) 2. It is cast overall, with stable dimension and higher precision. 3. Transmission gear and motor axis are connected by thread which will not fall with less vibration and lower noise!

8) Knife and chopping board is fixed by large hexagon nut casted by stainless steel. Only one common wrench is used to demount or install it.

Tips: How to make Common ingredients

Detailed Specifications:

Capacity (l): 2.2|is_customized: Yes|Brand Name: Everyway|Controls Type: Push Button|Certification: CE|Housing Material: Plastic|Power (W): 1250|Type: Traditional / Work Top|Container Material: Plastic|Voltage (V): 220|Model Number: KYH-201-S|after sales service: warranty booklet|placement: substage|Juice / mixing / summiteer machine type: summiteer machine|speed adjust: manual|Function: juice, cutting, dogmeat, ice, dry grinding, mixing, system milkshake|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)