Espresso Coffee Machine(KT-6.1)/Single group/9 bar/Boiler:6 liters

Espresso Coffee Machine(KT-6.1)/Single group/9 bar/Boiler:6 liters
Price: US $1,886.00/ piece|Processing Time: Ships out within 35 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 46.0kg|Package Size: 51cm x 63cm x 68cm

Detailed Information:

Restaurants, Shopping Stores, Parlours, Waiting Rooms, Cinema Halls & Colleges, wherever a person can stop for a quick cup.

Normal coffee is boring & out - "Espresso is stylish & IN". Also Coffee is a stimulant & in cold weather, one steaming, creamy cup of coffee gets you going.

Espresso is ITALIAN for Steam. Espresso Coffee Machine makes Steamy, Hot Coffee in minutes.
Upto 150 Cups in ½ hour. (from just 6 litres of water).

Makes coffee frothy & hence completely alters taste of coffee.

Attractive Counter-top model - instantly recognisable for Espresso Coffee. Pulls in clients / patrons desire to have a quick cup or savour a relaxed mug.

Easy operation & small space area - so can be installed in any place.

Cheapest Raw Materials - WATER & Milk, Sugar & Coffee.

Beautiful Stainless Steel Body for long life & easy maintenance features.

- S.steel front and top panel/Toasted powder coating.

- In-built rotary pump with balanced by-pass.

- Dual boiler system/Steam generator and coffee brewing seperated.

- Automatic controled system.Continuous delivery push-button.

- Electric heating with safety thermostat.

- Steady 9 bar coffee brewing, 90.5°C temperature.

- Group with pre-infusion chamber for the best extraction of coffee.

- Over heat rotection system, over pressure protection syste.


Voltage220~230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power2000 w
VersionsSingle group
Hydraulic pressure9 bar
Boiler6 Liter
Net weight42 kg
Gross weight46 kg
Outside Dimension430x545x520 mm
Packing Dimension505x630x680 mm

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Brand Name: Kitsilano|Capacity (Cup): 300|Housing Material: Stainless Steel|Power (W): 2000|Type: Espresso Coffee Maker|Voltage (V): 220|Model Number: KT-6.1|Main Chassis Material: S.steel|Boiler Material: copper|Boiler capacity: 6 liters|Rotary Pump: PROCON|Soleniod Valve: OLAB|Flow meter: Gicar|Pressure switch: SIRAI|Hydraulic pressure: 9 bar|Temperature setting: 90.5°c|Single group: 1 x single and 1x double brewing container