Italian steam coffee machine Every team Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine

Italian steam coffee machine Every team Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine
Price: US $99.00/ piece|Bulk Price: US $99.00/piece 4% off(4 pieces or more)|Processing Time: Ships out within 3 days

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 2.2kg|Package Size: 32cm x 28cm x 23cm

Detailed Information:

Boiler for the aluminum alloy body is ABS plastic, matte-type, have more texture for the glass coffee pot.

1,rich coffee taste,simple,easy to clean,cook the coffee,the steam function with automatic release,the use of more security,with original Chinese description;

2,it uses advanced electric pressure system that allows full penetration of water and coffee powder and a very short contact time to ensure that authentic coffee to reduce caffeine and other harmful substances in the content, healthy,and make real Italian small cup espresso;
3,advanced electric pressure system will enable rapid rise in water temperature to 93 degrees to 100 degrees to ensure the water temperature,make the best of coffee in rapid dissolution,so that even more delicious aromatic coffee;

4, steam nozzle and milk foam system:the operating knob turned to"steam"position,can be foamed milk,fresh milk will be labeled as a cappuccino milk foam.Allows you to enjoy at home anytime CAPPUCCINO or fancy latte,and other delicious coffee;

5,removable drip tray:You can dress leakage,and easy disassembly,to keep clean;
6,production lines imported from Italy,coffee equipment working well.CM4610-type Italian coffee machine,can be prepared Italian-style coffee and cappuccino milk foam coffee,taste the classic European style,family life,hotel rooms,coffee bars the best choice.
Italian coffee machine is to use pressure to steam quickly through the coffee powder,coffee extract the best ingredients,so steam stay in the coffee powder in the length of time,directly affect the quality of boiled coffee.
Includes:coffee machine 1,a water basin,pink slot 1(containing powder 1 cup),two bean consumption spoon a glass pot one(with lid),all Chinese factory original manual 1;

Boiler pressure:around about 3.5bar

Capacity:about 240ml or so,Italian cup coffee machine with 60ml of calculation,compared with 4 cups,if converted into a standard coffee cup(100ml/cup),compared with 2 cups;

Weight:about 2150g




Outsourcing:approximately 23cm*18cm*32cm

Aftermarket:Cikuan coffee machine with European CE certification

Simple method of operation:

1. From the inlet to the water tank filled with water, the general added 9 points over on it;
2. According to the amount needed to join in the coffee powder coffee powder inside the tank;
3. The coffee powder tank installed in the machine on, and fasten,to prevent the process of coffee is washed with high pressure blasting;

4. Plug in the power,the operation button adjustment to identify Department of coffee to start the coffee;
5. To make proper coffee immediately after the cessation;

Improve the chapter: the production of milk foam

1. Open the exhaust steam of steam button;
2. The head of steam shot into Milk Cup, and the formation of liquid milk,semi-contact state;

3. Milk foam gradually formed,add the coffee on OK friends;

Detailed Specifications:

Brand Name: Every|Capacity (Cup): 4|Housing Material: Aluminum|Certification: CE|Power (W): 800|Type: Espresso Coffee Maker|Voltage (V): 230|Model Number: CM4610|color: WHITE|SIZE: 800W|Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)