Mypressi twist (3generation) portable pressure coffee machine,9bar pressure,easy to use

Mypressi twist (3generation) portable pressure coffee machine,9bar pressure,easy to use
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Packaging Details

Unit Type: piece|Package Weight: 2.5kg|Package Size: 34cm x 18cm x 15cm

Detailed Information:

Mypressi twist (3generation) portable pressure coffee machine



Type: Mypressi twist (3 generation)

Net weight: 1950 G

Packing Size: 335 * W 180 * H 150 MM

Specification: 328 * 157 * 147 MM

Color: Black, Red (Limited Edition)

Pressure: 9 BAR

Accessories: rubber ring, gas bombs, powder tank

Number into the box: 1 PCS

Scope: home, office, especially for outdoor use


Small, portable, easy to use, production of professional, no electricity, only water can make a professional espresso

SCAA awarded the Gold Medal U.S. specialty coffee association invention, is a real professional can make a portable espresso coffee appliances

Produced better results than with the price of coffee espresso machine better, better than similar products Handpresso

Coffee, the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor picnics, hiking / mountain climbing, tourist can travel at any time; also a good choice gifts, unique and decent

Can also use coffee powder, coffee cake

8 cups of each gas bombs can do single-cup or 4 cup double esp esp

Detailed Specifications:

Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)|Brand Name: Mypressi TWIST|Capacity (Cup): 1|Housing Material: Stainless Steel|Certification: CB|Type: Espresso Coffee Maker|Model Number: AS-2607|ITEM NAME: Mypressi TWIST portable pressure coffee machine|pressure: 9bar|net weight: 1950g|color: Red|accessories: rubber ring,gas bombs,poder tank|scope: home,office,especially for outdoor use